5 Ways to keep motivated to lose weight

5 Ways to keep motivated to lose weight

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I can’t tell you how much time I spent on figuring out how to motivate myself to lose weight and actually stick to the new, healthy lifestyle. 

How to find and keep motivation that would allow you to stick to your diet, your workout schedule, and your lifestyle change. 

It was just too hard!

I was reading tens of articles, motivational quotes. I searched Instagram profiles, motivational fan pages and people who devoted their whole life to fitness and healthy lifestyle.

And it really wasn’t one-time thing. It lasted for long, long years of trying to find my motivation, to find strength to actually get up and work towards my goals and what I wanted to achieve.

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    It’s hard when you can’t relate.

    Not being able to relate was my main issue – I couldn’t understand the love for fitness people expressed, because I’ve never been a fitness freak myself! 
    Quite contrary, I used to absolutely despise working out, or – to be quite honest – even the thought of working out! 

    Thinking of gym was a real torture for me. Working out at home simply was not doing it for me – I would always find distractions and excuses to start the next day, next week, next month.

    I couldn’t relate to people that I was following on social media platforms because simply, they seemed to not understand my problems and struggles, just like I wasn’t able to relate to their mindset and words. 

    Everything seemed to be too perfect, too polished and too easy for me. It just wasn’t me!

    I wasn’t this kind of person to get up with another day at the gym in my mind. Instead I would rather spend cold mornings wrapped up in warm blankets, not sweating out on the treadmill.

    I know, it is not the healthiest approach and mindset to have – but that’s the honest truth about it, and the fact that you are here shows that maybe we are on the same boat. It is okay to admit that to yourself!

    In fact, that is exactly what helped me. 

    I admitted to myself that I am not perfect. That I do have flaws. 

    It just takes a deeper look on why certain things are unappealing to you. 

    It takes some questions to be asked to understand why you don’t like working out and why it is hard for you to make changes.

    That is what I did. It wasn’t that easy! 

    And it took me a long, long years of trying to understand that it is way more important than just following someone else’s step without being able to relate to them and their mindset!

    That is why I want so save a little bit of your time and help people like me – without bullshitting, without promising things that won’t help you in a long run.

    How to keep motivated to lose weight

    1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

    I know – sounds like something that is not about you.
    When you think about it, it is deep in each and every one of us, I believe, even if we are not 100% aware of it.

    We all actually compare ourselves to other people ALL THE TIME. 

    Especially now, in the age of huge social media platforms, which are a huge part of our lives!

    All of us love a little me-time at work or at home, after long day of dealing with clients or co-workers, kids and family members, to just sit back, get comfortable and scroll through social media.

    Personally, especially when being down and hard on myself, I would always catch myself thinking “Wow, she looks way better than me”. 

    Or “I would never have a body like her, it’s impossible“. 
    “They have nicer x, and better y, prettier z, and I will never be just as good“.

    Sounds familiar?

    It would make believe that, wow, I am the only person out of all of those people that doesn’t do anything exciting, doesn’t work on anything special, doesn’t have a nice body or life!

    It would make me feel much worse about myself and so much more unmotivated, that I would go off track and go back to old, unhealthy ways.

    One of the most important lessons I learned is DON’T COMPARE YOUR CHAPTER ONE TO SOMEONE ELSE’S CHAPTER TWENTY.

    2. Set your goal

    Having your goal set is one of the most important things while starting a weight loss journey and introducing any big lifestyle changes. 

    And no, I’m not talking about having enormous expectations of yourself – it won’t help you to find motivation for weight loss and keeping up with the healthy lifestyle in a long run.

    It is possible that, especially in the beginning, for a person who tends to quit and be down on themselves, it would be yet another reason to be unhappy with themselves.

    Why you shouldn’t set a bar too high for yourself to lose weight

    Because weight loss is very often full of ups and downs, of perfect days when you go to sleep proud of yourself, and days when you feel miserable, unhappy, unmotivated and tired of it. 

    There are days full of cravings, days when you hate everything you do, and your goals start to seem and feel unreachable, they seem to be to distant to become your reality and your future.

    Keep it realistic

    Even if you struggle a lot and you feel like your goal isn’t just 5 pounds to lose but it is a lot more than that – don’t focus on the final goal immediately. Of course, keep it in mind but don’t focus on it primarily.

    Set smaller goals for yourself, before you meet your final goal.


    Each goal you achieve will reinforce your self-esteem, and your belief in your ability to reach your goals will increase as the size of your goals does.

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      3. Do it the way you like it

       I am aware of the fact that it doesn’t sound like a piece of good advice. I don’t mean it literally, though, and not with every aspect of newly introduced changes in your life.

      Of course, we love to feel good while doing certain things, we love to find enjoyment in certain activities.

      After all, we spend way too many days and hours working in our lifetimes and doing things that other expect us to do, things we have to because we are told so. I know how frustrating it feels.

      And certainly, I do know how frustrating it is to try to work out but not enjoying a single second of it.

      So, what should you do to enjoy it and find motivation for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle?

      Think about things you love to do when it comes to activities. Sometimes even the most mundane things might be turned into a good workout! 

      Do you enjoy walking your dog? Perfect – you both need your daily dose of movement, after all! Speeding it up a little bit, enough to keep your heart rate up and possibly making it longer will help and make it a great start.

      Do you enjoy swimming?

      Dancing? There are a lot of great dancing workouts available on platforms like YouTube that will make your daily workout fun and easy. This one is my personal favorite – it makes your tummy go and makes you feel like you have a great time while you are doing it.

      Especially in the beginning of your weight loss journey, there is no reason to torture yourself with advananced workouts and doing things that not only you don’t enjoy, but you absolutely hate – stick to something you LIKE to do and you will see that with time it will make you wanna do more and more. It is gonna become easier to workout in different ways. 

      And remember, every kind of daily activity is good for you and will help you lose weight!

      4. Keep track of what you do and eat

      Keeping track of what you do and eat every day not only will help you reach your smaller goals I talked about previously, but it will also help you eliminate certain types of meals and food that makes it harder for you to lose weight and eat healthier. 

      It will also help you tracking your water/fluids intake and make you see how much you actually eat in a day. Same goes for your daily exercise!

      Another perk of this technique to help you keep motivated and lose weight is that it keeps you accountable. No matter if it’s a good day or a worse day – it has to be done, which I found helpful for people who struggle with emotional eating and snacking too often.

      • To keep track you can download one of the apps allowing you to log in all of your meals and drinks. A good example is My Fitness Pal.
      • You can use a journal or a notebook that you will write in every single day
      • There are plenty of journals to buy in many stores that are made specifically for people wanting to lose weight – they’re designed to keep you motivated, to make logging everything in interesting and easy. 

      5. Take pictures of your body

      Although in the beginning it might seem discouraging (for me it was, in a way – I couldn’t look at the pictures of myself when I started!) after couple of weeks and then months, you will be thankful for doing that. I guarantee! 

      • Try to keep it consistent. Take pictures regularly – for example, set one day in a week and stick to it.
      • Don’t focus on comparing yourself and your pictures each and every week, though. It might make you feel like you don’t work hard enough or your life changes don’t work, when sometimes it is only a matter of body fluid fluctuations!
      • Create an album on your phone, laptop or computer and keep your pictures there.
      • Compare your pictures to the first photograph you’ve taken every two weeks – it is a good idea to put them side by side. You will be surprised how much your body changes without you even noticing it every day!

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