21-day low carb weight loss diet plan | Zero calorie counting

21-day low carb weight loss diet plan | Zero calorie counting

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A low carb weight loss diet plan is easily one of the most effective ways to lose weight and maintain it long term.

But that doesn’t mean just any low carb diet plan will help you succeed.

I’m going to give it to you really direct, honest a simple – The vast majority of people who start any diet that involves counting calories will never succeed long term.

That tiny percentage who do, must have the most insane amount of patience, time and willpower to resort to researching and tracking calories in everything they consume.

I could also think of hundreds of much better ways to spend my time.

I don’t know about you, but that would make me pretty miserable to say the least.

In fact it did make me miserable, because many years ago, when I barely knew a thing about proper nutrition and dieting I would count calories.

I even had a tiny little book I would carry around and refer to for every meal.

Sound familiar? Maybe the books are slowly becoming extinct but the apps are increasing.

low carb weight loss diet plan

Don’t get me wrong, counting calories works. Its pretty basic science. 

If you consume less calories that your TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure), you will lose weight.

Diets focused on counting calories can give you great success, if you’re prepared to make the time to do that every single day and do it properly.

But, i’m here to tell you that counting calories is not the only way.

Following a healthy diet and losing weight can be done very easily without counting a single calorie. I do it, and its proven successful every time for anyone who has followed my 21-Day low carb weight loss diet plan .

Low carb weight loss diet plan

More about that later, for now I want to ask you a few questions and would like you take note of how many times you answer yes to each one.

Do you feel like you’ve tried almost every diet out there only to wind up back at square one because it was too restrictive to maintain or it just didn’t work?

You’ve done the “meal replacement shake thing” and deprived yourself of nutritious food which only lasted a few days because again, surprise surprise,  it wasn’t sustainable long term?

You often get dis heartened by social media profiles because of their “flawless” body shots, which by the way, are often either taken with perfect lighting, filters, photo shop apps or all of the above?

You have convinced yourself that there’s something wrong with your body therefore you’ll never be able to reach your weight loss and body goals?

Your friends seem to be able to enjoy eating and drinking out but you’ll never be able to because you’re on a constant diet battle?

You’ve concluded that carbs are totally off limits  if you want to lose weight and reach your ideal body goals? It breaks you to think of a life without treats such as pizza, pasta, bread, cakes and pastries? 

You have a never ending mental battle between being highly motivated on a new diet you started and bouts of doubt and wanting to give up?

You don’t believe you are capable of achieving your weight loss and body goals. You’re becoming increasingly disheartened and disappointed therefore you can’t enjoy the little things because dieting is always in the back of your mind?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say the majority of your answers were yes?

That’s ok! I expected that and its natural to feel this way for many different reasons.

More and more we are fed conflicting information about dieting.

Some say do this, others say do that, then we end up totally confused and lost.

We jump into a weight loss diet plan we know barely anything about in the desperate hopes of losing weight.

Aside from the painful process of counting calories, not doing enough research about a diet plan is half the reason we fail.

So things brings me to my next point…

What if I told you that you really don’t need to relate to all of the above and you can achieve and maintain your body goals? and yes, with zero calorie counting.

Yes.. I feel it coming (eye roll) I would likely be thinking the same as you… “Heard it before, another diet, another low carb weight loss diet plan a stranger is trying to convince me of. 

Hey, thats totally fair and normal. I react the exact same way to be honest. I have definitely had my fair share of failed diets and products! 

Of course, I only wound up with more confusion, frustration and disappointment when it didn’t deliver its promises. 

Well, before I tell you a little more about how I am going to help you achieve long term success, I just want to assure you that you really are in great hands.

I have not just studied personal training and nutrition to get a piece of paper, it is my absolute passion.

I love the way being fit and healthy makes me feel and even more I love when I see other peoples success from the help I have given them. 

I guarantee you are in the right place and my 21-Day low carb weight loss diet plan will give you long term, easily maintainable results.

Natasha lost 13.5 pounds on the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan

21 Day weight loss diet plan

Check out Natasha’s amazing results.

Natasha admits she is a self confessed sweet lover.

Although she has tried many different ways of dieting she told me she has always struggled to stay on track and actually lose the weight she wants to.

Half the reason for her failure was because of the tedious task of counting calories. 

I explained to her how the 21 Day Weight Loss Plan works and she decided to give it a go.

I checked in with her regularly throughout the 21 days to see how she was progressing. Above you can see the before and after pictures she sent me through!

Although she and a wee battle  getting her sweet tooth under control in the beginning, she said it was “absolutely totally worth pushing through”.

Not only did she lose 13.5 pounds, but she said her skin feels softer that she can ever remember, her hair is healthier and her mind feels 1000% sharper.

But the most important part is that she said she has learned long term strategies and techniques to maintaining her weight loss, yes, without counting calories. 

Here’s what Natasha had to say about her journey on the 21 day low carb weight loss plan…

anything I wanted to know or was unsure of, I could always find the answer without fail inside the guide.

I’m not a person who likes to have exact set meals every day that I MUST eat, I like to be flexible and choose because I don’t always feel like certain things or my daily routine changes. The 21 Day Weight Loss Plan is super flexible, I can choose anything I want any time of day from the approved foods list, AND I never had to count a single calorie!”

Here’s what Jake had to say about the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan

21 Day low carb weight loss diet plan

This plan is for guys too!

Jake’s goal was to lose some extra body fat before Christmas.

He already has a low body fat percentage but just from cutting out the processed foods and eating loads more whole foods on this diet you can see his amazing results!

“For me it was more about feeling better in my body and mind. I had loads more energy and my mind was sharper as well as lost body fat with no exercise.” – Jake

What is the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan?

The 21 day diet plan is designed to reset and cleanse your body so you start to crave the foods your body needs.

This is not just a meal plan to starve you and help you lose weight fast only to make you fall back into the same old habits.

This comes with a full and in depth guide that teaches you the science behind weight loss, healthy eating and why our bodies work the way they do.

What’s more is that is doesn’t require you to count a single calorie. 

Thats right, zero calorie counting.

I have actually dedicated an entire article on how to lose weight without counting calories, you can check it out here – Lose weight easily without counting calories

It also includes a full post-21 day weight loss diet guide to teach you how to maintain weight loss and healthy eating long term. I wouldn’t just give you a plan and then send you on your way!

I cover everything you need to know so you can feel confident and knowledgable to be able to maintain this yourself going forward.

The wellness guide, well, doesn’t health and wellness go hand in hand?

There is a full guide to help you with many of the struggles we come face to face with daily and ways to accept and deal with them so you can live a fulfilled and enjoyable life.

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    What to expect from the 21-Day low carb weight loss diet plan

    These are some of the things you can expect to achieve from the 21-Day low carb weight loss diet plan…

    Significantly reduce body fat

    Lose inches off your waist and hips

    See a significant drop in dress size

    Feel physically lighter

    Feel mentally focused and refreshed

    Targeted weight loss from tummy

    Glowing skin

    Improved hair and nails

    Improved self confidence

    Learn how YOUR body works

    Learn how to eat carbs daily and still lose weight!

    and SOOOO much more!

    What’s inside the 21-Day low carb weight loss diet plan?

    A lot! That’s a good start.

    The 21 day weight loss plan is made up of 8 Modules – 5 main modules and 3 bonus modules.

    Here is a break down of each one…


    low carb weight loss plan

    This is not your typical step by step main guide. 

    It is absolutely packed with all you need to know before starting the plan, the scientific side of weight management, understanding your own body and loads more! You will learn:

    Why you’re not achieving your weight loss and wellness goals

    How to achieve and maintain long term success

    Understanding macronutrients – important!!!

    My favorite weight loss tip!

    Starting your day right

    This really is just the tip of it, there is loads more stuff to learn inside.

    Low carb weight loss diet

    This is where you will really kick-start the weight loss! 

    I know when the word “detox” is mentioned it can make you freak out and not want to go any further! But don’t worry, i’m not going to have you sipping juices and water for days in an attempt to kick-start your weight loss. 

    You will be eating food and it’s good food, plus its flexible.

    Learn why a detox is important

    What to expect

    Full flexible detox plan

    Here you’ll learn that detoxing can actually be enjoyable!

    21 day weight loss plan

    This is not a quick fix, crash diet to lose pounds fast only fall back into the same trap you were in before.

    This 21 day low carb diet for weight loss will teach you healthy and maintainable ways of eating that suit your individual goals.

    Whats included:

    Full flexible approved food list

    My own recipe book

    Simple instructions on what to eat and when

    Daily meal planing chart

    The plan is divided into three parts that all come together perfectly, beginning with a mini detox.

    This diet is designed to reset your system and teach you how to use carbs, fat and protein in a way that can help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals long term.

    low carb weight loss diet plan

    I have written a mini recipe book specific to the 21-day low carb diet plan.

    It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for you to use how you wish throughout the plan and any time after! This is a printable book to take and use wherever.

    best weight loss diet plan

    I’ll continue to support and guide you well beyond the 21 days.

    This is where you will continue to learn how to manage your weight and weight loss goals long term.

    Some of what you’ll learn…

    Maintain healthy habits

    Maintain motivation

    Eating healthy on vacation and while travelling

    Alcohol & emotions

    Understanding this part is extremely important for long term success. This part holds some truly valuable information and you’ll thank me for later if you don’t skip it!

    Low carb weight loss diet plan

    Ok, so this low carb diet for weight loss doesn’t require you to do exercise to lose weight.

    However, I will always encourage regular exercise.

    This doesn’t have to be high intensity, strenuous workouts either. But some form of exercise, whether its walking/jogging around the neighbor hood, swimming, leisure bike ride, whatever gets you moving is important for a healthy body and mind!

    Inside this bonus guide you’ll get:

    Bonus cardio training

    Bonus weight training explained

    Exercise makes you feel amazing, rejuvenated and is a great stress reliever!

    the best low carb diet

    Again, the 21-day low carb weight loss diet plan doesn’t require you to purchase or use any additional supplements.

    This is a bonus guide. Here you will find out the importance of supplements, using them safely, what supplements are most important for women and my personal favorite:

    Protein powder


    Fat burner

    You do not need any of the above supplements to be successful in the main diet plan. But should you choose to use them in addition, go for it!

    best low carb diet for weight loss

    Here you will learn my  7 best tips to build lean muscle.

    I personally use all of these to build lean muscle and maintain it year round.

    Will I get results with the 21-Day weight loss plan?

    Absolutely! But that all depends on you.

    I’ve done all the background work, research and provide you with everything you can possibly need to succeed. The rest is up to you to implement it.

    The plan is written a specific way that needs to be followed for you to get maximum results. The more you deter from the plan the less likely you are to get the positive results.

    This plan has been used time and time again and is consistent in helping people lose weight and learn ways to maintain this long term.

    However, if you did not manage to lose weight like I have guaranteed, all refunds and guarantees are also subject to the terms of our Refund Policy.

    best low carb diet foods

    What types of food does the diet plan consist of?

    The low carb diet plan is based around whole foods, with a healthy balance of protein, carbs and fats.

    This is so you can reset your body effectively and help you make better food choices going forward and manage your weight without needing constant help from experts.

    The diet plan is very low in sugar and processed foods. You have a flexible approved foods list and the option to easily make it completely gluten, dairy and nut free.

    Weight loss meal plan vegetarian

    21 Day weight loss meal plan vegetarian option

    Yep you read it right. The 21-Day weight loss plan has a full vegetarian option as well!

    This diet focuses on higher protein consumption and a lot of whole foods. I have created it the best possible way I can to make it perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

    It does contain eggs, and tofu options, so if you don’t eat either of these then it will be harder to get your daily protein requirements, however, there are alternatives but it might just mean the plan is slightly less effective overall.

    This diet is not suitable for vegan’s.

    For a full list of FAQ’s on the 21-Day low carb weight loss diet plan you can check it all out here. 


    Sticking to a reasonably low carb diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and maintain it long term.

    Low carb definitely doesn’t mean no carb!

    If you’re truly in control of your diet, then you will be able to still include treats and all the good foods you enjoy.

    Its just all about learning how to do it the right way! And this is exactly what I teach you in the 21-Day low carb weight loss diet plan. 

    Just one of the many things you will learn.

    To find out more about the diet plan, or to get started, you can visit by clicking the button below.

    While we’re on the subject of diets, you might find this article interesting – Restrictive diets | This is why you fail

    Any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below! I love feedback. 

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