Weight lifting for women – biggest myth uncovered

Weight lifting for women – biggest myth uncovered

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One of the most common questions I have had during my time personal training is “will lifting weights make me bulky”.

And the short answer to that is no.

Weight lifting for women is no different to weight lifting for men.

What you need to realize is that lifting weights alone will not make you bulky.

 This is one of the biggest misconceptions women have when it comes to lifting weights.

It is one of the biggest myths, and that’s why I want to talk about how weight lifting works and how you have the control over the results you get.

It starts in the kitchen

Your workouts are fueled by what you are putting into your body.
Here is an example:

Lets say your goal is to gain serious amounts of muscle mass and grow significantly in size over a space of 12 months.
You would not get the results you are looking for if your training consisted high levels of cardio activity, and then doing an hour of medium to low weight lifting with high repetitions.
Then you go home and eat a very low calorie diet.
For someone to gain muscle mass and grow in size they need to combine a well balanced diet with the right training plan.
A diet for this type of goal should be high in protein to ensure you gain muscle, along with a good balance of carbs to fuel your work out and healthy fats.
When it comes to a training plan for this goal, you would need to lift heavy and medium to low repetitions to make sure you work the right muscle fibers that will help your muscles grow. 
Being on a calorie deficit diet is never going to help you achieve those goals because you will likely be burning more calories than you consume, therefore making it impossible to gain weight.

Follow a training plan that is specific to your goal

It works exactly the same when wanting to gain lean muscle and lose body fat, but the opposite.
Ideally you would follow well balanced diet higher in protein, lower carbs and moderate fat. 
Pair this with a training plan of medium – high repetition range and some cardio.
As long as you are not consuming more calories than you are burning you should be able to reach your goal.
Now this is just a basic example without going into too much detail. But you get the idea…

To achieve your desired goal this is done by combining appropriate training programme (rep ranges to suit your goals) and an appropriate diet to match.
will lifting weights make me bulky

Weight lifting repetition ranges for specific goals

For those of you who don’t know what repetitions are, they are the amount of times you repeat the exercise movement in one set.

How many you should be doing depends greatly on your desired goal.

I will explain the repetition ranges and the benefits produced for each one below. 

GOAL                                                 REP RANGE                                        

Strength/power                               3-6.                                                      

Muscle hypertrophy/growth         6-12.                                                     

Strength endurance                       12-20                                

Weight lifting for women

Weight lifting for women

Weight lifting is one of the best forms of exercise you can do.

Working your muscles regularly with various exercises to target various muscles can never be a bad thing!

Unless your doing it wrong… that’s a whole other thing to understand.

Depending on your desired goal,you will have a specific training program that is based around these rep ranges.

You could also have a certain amount of cardio or none at all.

In combination with this you need to be very mindful of the amount of food you are eating, and especially getting your macronutrient split right (carbs, protein, fat).

This is what fuels your muscles and helps sculpt your body to your desired goal, not solely lifting weights.

In other words, if you are over eating and consuming more calories than your daily expenditure, your body will most likely gain fat regardless of lifting weights or not.

For more information on the right foods to consume and understanding macronutrients  I have written an article dedicated solely to Macronutrients; What are macronutrients; understanding how they work.


So ladies, you do not need to be afraid of lifting weights and getting bulky!

I hope that this has helped you understand a little better how your body works when it comes to combining food and weight training.

The key is to have the correct training plan to suit your specific goal and combine it with a right diet plan.

Hopefully with this knowledge,  you can pick up weights in future and feel far more in control and take steps to achieving your goals. 

A healthy diet is key to overall long term success for achieving and maintaining weight loss.

If you’re truly ready to lose some weight, change your lifestyle and learn how to manage your weight long term, my 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide will teach you just that…and loads more! Check it out below and learn how I can help you reach you weight, body and wellness goals and maintain it.

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