How to stop craving sugar in 21 days

How to stop craving sugar in 21 days

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Lets talk about sugar!

Before I tell you exactly how you can stop craving sugar in 21 days, lets get one thing clear.

I am not referring to sugars found in fruit.

The sugar I am referring to is those nasty simple sugars found in processed food such as soda, candy, bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, “healthy” snack bars and desserts.

When I say “healthy”, I mean quite the opposite.

There are so many condiments claiming to be healthy by sticking labels on such as – low carb, gluten free, fat free,  vegan, and so on.

But many of these are extremely high in sugar, and companies do there best not to draw attention to it. 

Sports drinks, sauces, dressings, snack bars, juices, can all be very high in sugar yet we are so often lead to believe they are good for us. 

That’s why I urge you to always read the nutrient information on the back. 

Sugar is absolutely everywhere!

But does it really taste so good?

Does it really enhance the flavor of food? Or have we become used to eating processed foods high in sugar that we have trained our bodies to think it tastes better?

Do you often find yourself adding sauces and dressings to you meals?

You ever feel moody, irritable or fatigued so you give yourself a sugar fix and that makes you “feel better?”

Do you find it difficult to go a day without something processed such as pasta, bread, sweets, soda, cakes, biscuits etc? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, its highly likely you have created an unhealthy relationship with sugar. 

You may not be sugar addicted, but its likely that over time you have taught your body to crave these simple sugars.

But don’t worry, I have good news! i’m going to teach you exactly how to stop sugar cravings in 21 days.

Remember, we are not born craving sugar or any type of food/drink

Whatever food habits we have, have been created because  a variety of reasons:

The culture we were brought up in, the types of foods our parents allowed us to have, the lifestyles we lead among many others.

Having our fix of these foods can make us feel good, give us bursts of energy and of course, we enjoy the taste!

But this is almost always followed by lack of energy, fatigue, moods, headaches, sometimes excess thirst and so we think we need another fix of these foods.

You probably don’t even realize at the time that these feelings and emotions can be caused by sugar/processed foods.

You probably just think its normal to feel this way.

Sure, we all have those feelings at times and isn’t related to sugar or processed foods, but by heavily cutting back or eliminating simple sugars and processed food from your diet, you’re going to see some serious positive changes!

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    How I helped my mom stop craving sugar in 21 days

    Right, it’s no secret to anyone who knows her well, that my mum was a self confessed sugar addict! 

    And I can’t believe I’m actually able to say was. 

    Why? Because she  learned how to stop craving sugar in 21 days.

    How? Simple. She followed my tried and true strategy, the strategy that I am about to share with you.

    Although she is a very tiny little lady and only just 5 foot tall, she could really pack away the chocolate and sweets!

    I’m talking sugary granola with tinned plums and yogurt for breakfast (high sugar), a slice of cake or something sweet for morning tea, crackers and cheese for lunch, a pretty healthy dinner but always with sweet chili sauce added followed by more sugary granola, plums and yogurt.

    And, of course, you can guarantee her handbag had a cake of chocolate inside or a bag of sweets, or both! 

    She snacked on this all day. 

    Now, she is blessed with genes that seem to allow her to eat like this and not really gain much weight at all, but it wasn’t until she started and completed my 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide that she realized just how badly she was treating her body.

    She is an extremely active person, very fit and in great shape.

    She ran her own dance school for 40 years so this would see her racing home from her day job, inhaling some quick lunch, racing out the door again to teach dancing until late in the evening, going to the gym, and then sitting at her lap top in the evening doing business admin.

    Her body was running on sugar and processed foods.

    Okay so before you say, “wow she looks amazing, clearly sugar and processed foods can’t be that bad!”

    Sure she does look amazing! But there were many negative side affects that come with her love for sugar.

    Poor sleep, headaches, energy spikes followed by lows, often very thirsty, foggy mind and fatigue.

    But she actually didn’t notice just how much her poor diet was affecting her until after the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide was completed. 

    How the 21-Day plan helped my mom stop craving sugar

    I created the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide over a period of months in late 2019. I launched it in December and knew that my mum would be a perfect client!

    After Christmas both my parents decided to give it a go after I explained to them what it was and how it works, and i’m going to explain this to you too.

    I decided to create a place and community for people who… 

    • WANT to make changes such as losing weight, adopting a healthier lifestyle and reaching their goals. 
    • Want to avoid restrictive diets, life without pleasure and counting each calorie
    • Are done with being frustrated, disappointed and unhappy with their bodies and lives 
    • Are ready to get real help, from a real person who understands your struggles, and cares.

    This is exactly what the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide has been designed to do. 

    Here is how the 21-Days is structured:

    Part 1: Detox – Day 1-3

    This is where you are resetting your system. It’s likely that your body is carrying far too many toxins and has become used to the consumption of over-processed foods such as pizza, bread, pasta, sugar etc.

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to give this food up forever! You can definitely enjoy indulging in all of the above… but not over the next 21 days, and you’ll learn how to do it the right way and not blow your diet and see the scales going up up up.Why? Because you’re resetting your body. And by resetting I mean your replenishing your body with all the nutrients in NEEDS and WANTS and detoxifying it of all the horrible toxins it doesn’t need or want.

    Think about it like a new born baby. Not exactly, but similar! Its brand new, and its up to you what you choose to feed it and have it rely on and crave! You’re resetting it so it no longer craves the over-processed food you were once so reliant on and instead you’ll turn to more whole food products, all the good stuff that you NEED for healthy body and mind functions.

    Part 2: Whole food, low-carb meals – Day 4-12

    The detox is over. Here we introduce a lot of protein but keeping carbs low.

    Protein is essential for growth, strength and repair, healthy fats are important for heart and brain function and carbs are our bodies main source of energy.

    In the full 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide I provide a full list of approved foods that you can have throughout the 21 Days.. This is all found under tools and resources.

    Part 3 – Reintroducing grains, fruit and dairy – Day 13-21

    This is a continuation of part 2, but now we reintroduce more fat and carbohydrates. This includes, grains fruit and dairy.

    The aim of this diet plan is to teach you eating habits that can be maintained over a life time. This is why I have slowly introduced certain foods over the course of the 21 days, all in good timing.

    FREE 21-Day Weight Loss starter guide

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      I can help YOU create healthier habits and lose weight no matter what age, shape or size.

      Although you are guaranteed to lose weight with this plan, you will achieve so much more than just that.

      You will learn how to stop craving sugar in 21 days.

      I’ll teach you how to manage and maintain your own weight loss and body goals long term without always needing help from someone like myself or an expert.

      You will also learn how to build lean muscle, make healthy food choices, how to manage macronutrients (carbs fat and protein), NO COUNTING CALORIES, fad diets, restrictive diets, fat loss tips and more.

      I have really made sure I have left no stone un-turned.

      This diet is fully flexible, has loads of delicious food options ad a full recipe book that I have created exclusively for the plan.

      After the 21-Days

      After the 21-Days was complete my mom received loads of comments from people at her gym, dance classes and friends about how great she looked, not just in body weight, but her appearance in general.

      Her skin was glowing and she really did look radiant, fresh and energized.

      Most importantly though, she feels amazing inside and has kicked the habit!

      Her energy levels are even higher, she sleeps better and no longer has those horrible energy crashes because of sugar.

      The best part about this is that she has trained her body to crave healthy whole foods, and now can’t eat near the amount of sugar she used to. 

      I never thought I would see the day that she would tell me the pancakes with syrup she had for her Sunday treat was too sweet and she couldn’t finish it!

      Well this happened only last weekend. 

      If you want to make some permanent changes to your diet and live a healthier maintainable lifestyle I would love to help you achieve this and I know I can.

      For more info on how I can help you and how the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide works check it out below. 

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