6 Habits of people who stay in shape all year

6 Habits of people who stay in shape all year

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There are people who seem to remain in shape effortlessly, and this can be pretty frustrating for someone who might struggle with losing weight and maintaining it. 

Well you too could be one of those people who stay in shape all year, and your current struggles could simply be that you’re missing some pretty important steps and habits when it comes to staying in shape all year.  

Lets take a look at 6 habits of people who stay in shape all year and how you can easily implement these habits too.

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1. Eat mainly whole foods

Eating whole foods is a habit you really want to get into, for many health reasons.

Whole foods are foods that are in there whole version. They have not been processed by adding preservatives or additives. 

The following foods are all examples of whole foods that you want to avoid as much as possible:

The following foods are a perfect example of processed foods that will do your body and health no favors what so ever:

  • Packaged microwave dinners
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Most breakfast cereals
  • Snack bars and packets (fruit rolls, nut bars, cereal bars, flavored corn thins and rice crackers etc)
  • Chips
  • Fries
  • Most bread (I recommend whole grain bread that has had the least amount of processing and additives possible)
  • biscuits, cookies, scones, donuts, cake
  • Fried food
  • Most plant based burger patties or any “vegan/vegetarian’ version of meat

Instead, include lots of fresh veggies (especially leafy greens), fruit, lean meat such as chicken, turkey, duck and if you do eat red meat, try to get lean cuts without extra fat. 

Salmon is high in omega 3 and is a great source of healthy fat.

Including white fish is low calorie and great for brain function and also high in protein.

Nuts and seeds are a great snack between meals and to add to your breakfasts or salads.

A diet consisting mainly of whole foods is a great start when trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight year round.

2. Meal prep instead of take outs

If you take your diet and health seriously, meal prepping is something you should be doing.

It helps us stay on track with our weight loss and body goals, and we can monitor the nutrition we are consuming far better than when we buy take outs.

Preparing your meals for the next few days ahead will not only save you money but will stop you over eating, and/or eating the wrong types of foods that contribute to weight gain.

To learn how to meal prep properly, you can check out my article on How to meal prep properly in 4 easy steps.

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    3. Portion control

    This one is so often said but so often not understood correctly!

    You don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, not eating enough will result in your metabolism slowing down there fore your body wont burn fat at the rate it could. 

    You don’t need to limit yourself to a tiny salad for lunch, and dinner and obsessing over counting every calorie you consume.

    You absolutely do not need to do this to lose weight and stay in shape year round! 

    I don’t count a single calorie ever, and I easily stay in shape all year, and I know that controlling my portion size is a huge key player in this success.

    Below you can download my FREE portion size guide which will help you control how much you consume for each meal.

    Portion control is an important habit of people who stay in shape all year.

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    No more counting calories! Use this easy alternative.

      4. Lower carb diet

      People who follow a low carb diet  are more likely to maintain healthy weight loss than people who eat a higher carb diet.

      Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients vital to maintaining healthy body functions, but too many carbs are not necessary and can cause us to gain weight.

      Carbs are the bodies primary source of energy, so when we exercise or even just function on a daily basis, our bodies will use carbohydrates first to perform those tasks. 

      But if we consume more calories from carbs than we burn, our bodies will store those excess calories from carbs as fat ,therefor we gain weight.

      To find out more about how macronutrients work you can find it in my article here.

      A low carb diet that is higher in protein or fat, such as the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan or the 4 Week Keto Diet Plan for Beginners is a great way to start your weight loss journey and also learn exactly how to manage and maintain your weight long term.

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        5. Get enough sleep

        Lack of sleep can really affect your weight, believe it or not.


        When we don’t get enough sleep we feel irritable, cranky, and louzy. Therefore we are far more inclined to turn to food and drinks to try and pick ourselves up and give us the energy boost to push through the day.

        If you can try and get 8 hours sleep a night you will wake up feeling far more alert, fresh and you will naturally make better decisions right form the moment you wake up.

        Look at Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, he has an insane training schedule and follows a very healthy diet, but it is also known that he gets his daily naps in! He not only gets a full nights sleep, but also takes periodic naps during the day to ensure his body is rested, functioning at its best at all times and his mind is rested so he can make the best decisions. 

        6. Drink more water

        Another thing we hear so often when it comes to health and weight loss is to drink enough water… yeah yeah I feel the eye roll.

        But, there’s a reason its so highly promoted as a key factor in staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight.

        Water helps to eliminate toxins from our body that build up through consuming processed foods, and simply living and breathing the air and pollution around is.

        By ensuring you get enough water each day will help keep your organs functioning properly, excrete toxins effectively and your mind will be much sharper.

        Therefore you will make better decisions and have more energy throughout the day and will be less likely to reach for food as a comfort or energy source to push through the day.

        Water also helps us feel fuller for longer and we will be less inclined to over eat.


        Combining these 6 habits of people who stay in shape year round with consistency, you will find that losing weight and managing your weight long term will become much easier.

        Dieting doesn’t need to be hard. It’s actually very simple to manage your weight and enjoy your diet at the same time.

        Consistency is key when it comes to achieving success in anything, whether it be weight loss or anything else.

        To get started on a healthy weight loss plan that will help you lose weight and teach you how to easily manage your weight long term and stay in shape all year, I recommend taking a look at the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan or the 4 Week Keto Diet Plan for Beginners. 

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