Protein powder for women – is it different to men’s?

Protein powder for women – is it different to men’s?

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Is protein powder for women actually different to protein powder for men?

It sounds quite bizarre really, but its not a silly question! 

Especially if you really don’t know where to start to finding the best protein powder.

The short answer to this question is no.

There are so many questions and misconceptions when it comes to protein supplements.

“How much protein powder do I need?”

“When is the best time to take protein powder?”

“Will protein powder make me gain weight?”

Is protein for women and men different?”

I will explain the best and simplest way I can how protein works in our bodies.

Hopefully this will give you a much better understanding so you can choose the right protein powder for yourself, based on your goals.

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Tip to understanding protein powders – Don’t be put off by branding and marketing strategies

One of the biggest things that put me off buying certain protein powders before I knew anything about it was the branding or wording.

Fortunately I now have a lot of knowledge about how protein works and what to look for in a product.

But for those who don’t, the packaging really can be the decider in whether you purchase a certain product or not.

Each individual has there own body goals.

What might appeal to one person, might not appeal to another.

This is where we can become easily influenced by the initial “look” of a product.

Big print reading “BUILD MUSCLE MASS” in bold colors, may be a huge put off for many women who’s goal is find protein powder to lose weight.

It would be easy to think that by taking this product thy will start growing bulky muscles, something they don’t want!

If there goal is to lose fat and tone their muscles they will probably look else where.

Unfortunately, they could end up buying a product that appeals to them on the outside, but isn’t designed to suit their goals.

And this works in reverse as well.

Someone looking to gain muscle mass might be put off by certain marketing strategies. 

So what am I saying?

In no way am I saying that any particular marketing strategy is good or bad.

I am simply pointing out that we can be easily influenced by certain marketing strategies depending on our own personal taste.

Branding can bring a lot of misconceptions about a product when we have little knowledge about it to begin with.

Protein powder for women

How much protein do I need?

The amount of protein you need is not dictated by gender.

Instead, to know how much protein to take depends on your weight, fitness regime and body goals.

For a sedentary person it is recommended that you consume 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight.

For someone who doing regular physical exercise 3 or more times per week, it is recommended that you consume 2g of protein per 1kg of body weight.

Choose protein powder by goal, not gender

Although some companies may market certain protein products more towards gender, it is far better to choose a protein powder by its ingredients and your own goals.

Women’s bodies contain a lot less testosterone than men.

Testosterone is the main driver for muscle growth, therefore is harder for women to “bulk up” or gain muscle than it is for men.

For any gender it takes a lot of hard and consistent training to build muscle, and this goes hand in hand with a well balanced diet tailored to your specific goals.

So what protein powder should I use?

As we have now established, the best protein powder to use depend on your goals. 

Some products may have added ingredients that could help aid weight loss such as green tea extract. 

The hardest part is choosing a product that works for you among the thousands of brands to choose from!

I highly recommend doing some research on different products to suit your specific training regime and goals.

Protein powder for weight loss

Protein powder for weight loss

I have actually dedicated an entire article to protein powder for lean muscle.

These protein powders are all designed to help you build lean muscle as well as lose weight along side a balanced diet.

5 Most effective protein powders for lean muscle and weight loss

Protein powders for muscle mass

One of the best and most popular protein powders for building muscle mass is Creatine. 

Studies show that in can increase muscle mass, strength and performance.


Protein powder for women is absolutely no different to men’s. 

The type of protein powder you use should not be decided on by gender, but instead by your own personal goals.

There are different types of protein powders on the market designed to help with specific goals.

SO next time you are choosing your protein powder, remember that goal is the most important.

If you have any particular allergies to dairy, gluten etc or you have particular food preferences, for example you’re vegan, make sure to check the ingredients. 

Do you have any suggestions regarding protein powder for women? 

Please feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure for more info.

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