Benefits of probiotics for weight loss

Benefits of probiotics for weight loss

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    What are probiotics?

    So what actually are probiotics? And what are their benefits when it comes to weight loss?  

    Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are extremely beneficial to our digestive system in maintaining good gut health.  

    You can find probiotics in both a supplement for and in certain foods you eat. Quick tip:If you are looking for something easy to add to your diet to reduce stomach bloating, Maximum Slim’s Organic Detox Tea is also formulated to naturally purify the body which supports the reduction of bloating. 

    In our gut, we have billions of bacteria living, both good and bad bacteria. 

    Sounds super gross right? But its true, we have bacteria living inside us. 

    The majority of this bacteria fortunately is good (probiotics). 

    These play a huge role in supporting our health and body’s life functions.

    They work to regulate our nervous and immune system, aid digestion, improve memory, produce vitamins and enzymes, help with digestion and they have a significant effect on our metabolism.

    When we are stressed or have poor gut health this can have a big effect bacteria ratio in our bodies and cause bad bacteria to attack.

    This can cause many negative effects on our bodies such as weight gain, constipation, diarrhea, constipation, inflammation, and effect our immune system.

    Its perfectly normal that we all go through periods of stress, sickness and poor gut health at certain points in our lives. 

    Although our bodies do have a certain amount of probiotics naturally, we can boost this significantly by eating certain probiotic rich foods and supplements.

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    Bacteria and weight gain

    Although there is still a lot that scientists need to discover when it comes to linking bacteria and weight gain, there are certain things that have been discovered.

    People who are over weight, or people who struggle with weight problems  are more likely to have different gut microbial ratio (good and bad bacteria) than a person who is naturally leaner.

    90% of the bacteria in our gut is a mix of Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes.

    Firmicutes produce short chain fatty acids which add to the number of calories we absorb daily.

    People who battle with their weight seem to have more a higher ratio of Firmicutes, whereas leaner people tend to have more have more Bacteroidetes.

    This is thought to play a part in why certain people have bigger issues with weight gain than others.

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      Probiotics and weight loss

      1. Fight off chemicals that cause inflammation

      First of all, probiotics can help fight of chemicals that cause weight gain. 

      Many bad bacterias produce a chemical called lipopolysaccharides.

      This can lead to inflammation and weight gain.

      Probiotics (good bacteria) work against this and fight away these bad chemicals.

      Also, if we have too much bad bacteria the lining of our gut, this can cause the lining to weaken allowing bad toxins to get through that affect our immune system which can result in inflammation and weight gain.

      Probiotics put a lining on our gut to protect it from these substances entering our bloodstream.

      2. Hormone regulation

      The fat cells in our bodies cause a hormone called leptin. 

      Leptin sends signals to the brain when we are full.

      When we over eat and ignore the signals when our body is telling us we’re full, we gain fat resulting in more production of leptin.  

      When our bodies have too much leptin production due to increased fat, the signalling process to the brain telling us when we are full breaks down.

      Since our brain isn’t getting those signals, it thinks we are hungry and need food when in fact we don’t. This leads to more overeating and weight gain. 

      Probiotics help to regulate this process of leptins signalling the brain when we. are full.

      3. Probiotics help to avoid overeating

      If we have too much bad bacteria our bodies properly absorb the nutrients from food, no matter how healthy our diet is.

      If our bodies cant absorb nutrients properly we often feel hungry and this can lead to over eating and weight gain.

      Probiotics help our bodies absorb nutrients which leaves us feeling satisfied with the right amount of nutrients our bodies need and we can therefore avoid overeating.

      Probiotic rich food

      You can get probiotics from many different types of food.

      Here is a list of the best food sources containing probiotics:

      • Yogurt
      • Sauerkraut
      • Kombucha
      • Kefir
      • Miso
      • Gherkins
      • Natto
      • Apple cider vinegar
      • Soft cheeses
      • Sourdough bread
      • Acidophilus milk
      • Tempeh

      Probiotic Supplements

      The best probiotic supplements to buy are the ones which have atleast 7 strains of bacteria 

      Important strains to look for are are:

      1. Acidophilus which helps the body absorb nutrients.
      2. B. Bifidum which helps to breakdown macronutrients into smaller parts (carbs, fat and protein)
      3. B. Longum which maintains intestinal wall lining. 

      Here are some highly recommended probiotic supplements.

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