Plant based diet benefits

Plant based diet benefits

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There are just so many benefits of plant based eating, I don’t even know where to begin! 

But here is a list of what i’ll be covering in this article;

What is a plant based diet

Why eat a plant based diet

Plant based diet benefits

Switching to a plant based diet

Difference between vegan, vegetarian and plant based

How to stop eating processed food

I’m pretty sure you’ll walk away from here wanting to get straight down to the grocery store and stock you cupboards up with some good whole plant based foods! 😉

Plant based diet

Over the years more and more people are converting to a plant based diet. 

There are continuous debates over which diet is best for you, but consuming a diet of mainly fresh, whole ingredients and limiting processed food is, in my opinion superior to any other diet for sustainable health and wellness.

What is a plant based diet 

A plant based diet consists of minimally processed food, limited or no animal products and instead focusing mainly on plants.

This includes but not limited to; fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains. 

Refined foods such as sugar and flour are also greatly reduced when switching to a plant based diet.

Although it has similarities, it does differ slightly from vegan and Vegetarian.

Difference between plant based, vegan and vegetarian

Vegan – People who do not consume any animal products at all, this includes meat, poultry, seafood, dairy eggs and honey.

Vegetarian –  People who do not consume meat and poultry, but some still eat eggs and dairy.

Plant based– The majority of the food you consume comes from plants/whole food but also allows you the flexibility to still consume meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and dairy should you wish to.

Why eat a plant based diet? 

This is a question so many people may ask when considering switching to a plant based diet.


What’s the benefit of eating plant based?

The question though really should be why not!

Foods that are not plant based are called processed foods. 

Anytime a form of whole food is changed in some way it is considered  processed food.

Processed can be canned, baking, freezing, fermenting, pickling, drying etc. 

Foods such as tinned beans, tinned tuna, frozen fruit, kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt are all considered processed foods. For more on processed foods, you can check out my article Processed foods, is it really so bad?

The raw, whole ingredients has been taken and altered from its natural form in some way through some sort of process.

When you start adding multiple ingredients, preservatives, flavors, colors etc to whole foods,  that’s when it can become bad for our health.

You’re body does not need it, ever.

I’m not saying don’t eat it ever, i’m just saying you don’t and wont need it, ever.

Sticking to whole foods for the majority of your diet is going to benefit your health immensely!

Benefits of plant based diet

Benefits of plant based/whole food diet:

Weight loss and reducing obesity risk – Eating plant based means you are significantly reducing the intake of processed foods which are high in sugar, fat and salt and lack fibre, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function at its best.

 People who consume processed foods (this can be as low as two or more ingredients to fall into this category), such as soda, candy and fast food increased the risk of obesity and high bloody sugar levels which can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

These foods are higher in calories therefore increasing the chance of weight gain or obesity.

Plant based benefits a number of health conditions – As mentioned above plant/whole food aids in keeping blood sugar levels more regulated.

This reduces the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Increased energy, reduced fatigue – This is something I personally noticed immediately when I adopted a more plant based diet.

Since consuming more whole food with essential nutrients and reducing refined and processed foods that contain high levels of sugar, fat and salt I noticed my energy levels increasing immediately.

I also noticed my ability to focus for longer without becoming fatigued was increased.

Transitioning to a plant based diet

Individuals have different reasons for switching to a plant based diet.

For some this is for animal rights, but for others it is purely to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Transitioning to plant based diet does NOT mean you must cut out every animal product from your diet.

This is why it is called plant based, meaning the majority of your diet consists of plant foods, but not necessarily 100%.

How do I give up processed food?

When we are brought up in a world saturated with fast food chains and diets consisting of a lot of processed food it can be hard to change certain eating habits.

We have developed an acquired taste for more processed foods rather than training our bodies to crave plant based foods, which is what we need, and what will help us live longer healthier lives.

My advice is to do this gradually.

Start to implement more whole foods into each meal.

When eating out, try and choose the healthier restaurants and avoid fast food chains.

Doing this gradually, you will train your body to crave the foods it needs, and it will eventually no longer crave those processed foods that we got so used to.

I have written a 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide that focuses solely around whole food and teaches you how to change your eating habits long term.

I have helped so many people change their diets, lose weight ad lead a much healthier lifestyle since I launched my program in late 2019.


Plant foods or whole foods are always going to be the best form of food you can ever consume.

There are no negatives to switching to a plant based diet and only a whole bunch of positives as discussed in this article.

Significantly lowers the risk of obesity, lowers cholesterol, helps with weight management, reduces the risk of developing certain cancers, diabetes, heart conditions and other heath related problems.

My own diet consists of 95% whole food and I certainly felt the positive physical and mental changes once I ditched the majority of processed foods and ate mainly plant based.

There are so many delicious plant based recipes that are cheap and quick to make! 

Here one of my favourite blogs to checkout for plant based recipes.

What’s your thoughts on plant based eating? Please feel free to leave a comment below 🙂


This page may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure for more info. 

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