Lose weight easily without counting calories

Lose weight easily without counting calories

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So you’re probably under the belief that to lose weight you need to be counting every calorie?

Well thats absolutely totally false.

You can definitely lose weight without counting calories. In fact its not necessary to ever have to count a single calorie.


Don’t you worry, i’m going to tell you exactly how to do this.

I do it, and so do many other athletes and general health wise people.

We all can manage out weight effectively so we can keep the extra pounds off and stay in great shape year round!

Sound good? I’m going to teach you exactly how to do it so you’ll never have to count a single calorie again, i’m serious!

Lose weight without counting calories

Lets talk calories!

Yes, that incredibly overused word that so many of us absolutely obsess over.

We almost fear the word, but for some reason think that obsessing over counting every single calorie is the only way to lose weight and reach your weight loss goals! 

Well, I have good news. Its not!

And it never has to be again. How does that sound? 😉

For most people, counting calories is not maintainable for a lifetime.

I believe that counting calories is a huge reason why people end up giving up on their diet.

You do not need to count calories to control your weight.

 I will never recommend this because it is mind-numbing, insanely frustrating work that we could all be putting our time spent on this to better use.

I don’t do this myself. Instead I learned a few extremely important bits of nutritional information, and the moment I started paying real attention to that and listening to my body, was when I realized that I have all the control.

 Oh, before I explain the alternative to counting calories, did you know that my 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide does not require you to count a single calorie?

I never count calories, ever. Instead I studied nutrition and learned some extremely valuable information the surpasses the importance of counting each calorie. All of which I have shared with you in my weight loss plan. 

How to lose weight easily without counting calories

lose weight without counting calories

 Yes, a mirror selfie, but i’d prefer to show you this as opposed to a professionally taken photo with all the correct lighting etc  to make myself look better.

I have worked for my physique without counting a single calorie and I’ve never felt more in control of my weight management.

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    I once did count calories…

    As a teenager when I started to take health and nutrition more seriously after I noticed myself gaining a little weight ( typical women body changes), I began to obsess over calorie counting. 

    Why? Well, like most of us, I didn’t know any better! 

    I even brought myself a little calorie counter book that listed hundreds of different foods and the amount of calories in each. 

    I would write it all down and plan out my meals each day and calculate each calorie… ughhhh it was PAINFUL to say the least. 

    I thought I had it all sorted out, I knew exactly what I was doing.

    Reality was, I had no idea what I was doing. I was focused on numbers and that was it.

    What I didn’t realize was the importance of consuming the right types of foods to reach my body goals. By this I mean correct macronutrient balance.

    Why counting calories is rarely necessary

    I will never be a fan of counting calories. It’s time consuming, frustrating and it’s not always accurate. You can’t always be certain that the nutritional facts in books, websites or apps are correct.

    Research shows that a reasonable percentage of these aren’t correct due to incorrect measurements, incorrect labeling and food quality.

    You also need to take into account calories burnt daily. You cant always be sure how many calories you are burning with exercise and daily activity.

    Calorie counting is definitely not the only way to maintain your weight. 

    When calorie counting could be helpful

    Although I don’t believe it is necessary to count calories to reach your weight loss and body goals, there are certain times where it might be helpful.
    For example: If you want to enter a body building competition where your body fat percentage is expected to be dangerously low, you’ll likely need to consult a
    nutritionist who is willing to measure and count your every calorie and write you an extremely restrictive diet plan, as well as give you a
    personalized workout program to get you into the desired shape and body fat percentage. 

    What’s the alternative to calorie counting?

    The part you’re waiting for!

    So, what’s the alternative to counting calories…?
    Your hands. Yes, that’s right, you’re using your hands to measure your portion size. And, it is extremely effective.

    If you do not over eat, you should not gain weight, and if you are consistent, you will reach and maintain your weight loss and body goals

    Unfortunately over eating is extremely easy to do, especially if you have little knowledge of portion sizes and how much you should be eating.

    So how do I know correct portion size?

    You use your hands to measure your portion size for each meal.

    Our hand size correlates fairly close with our body size including bone and muscle. 

    This makes your hand a pretty reliable measuring source for your food portions.

    Double all portions for men.

    Protein – one palm size 

    Fat – one thumb size

    Veggies – two hands cupped together

    Fruit & Carbs – one hand full

    So how many meals should you eat per day?

    A good rule to go by is 4 meals per day.

    If it works better for you to eat 6 times per day, this does not mean you should eat 6 full meals. 

    It is important to stick to around 4 meals per day with the correct portion sizes, and if you need to eat 6 times, then spread your 4 meals out over 6.

    Likewise if you prefer to eat less than 4 times per day, increase each meal. Just make sure you stick to 4 meal sizes in total. 

    As each person’s body is different, you may need to adjust this ever so slightly  depending on your goals and
    progress you’re making.
    Doing this as opposed to calorie counting will help you to learn how your own body reacts to different foods, and will make you feel far more in control of your weight management.
    I have written a very popular  21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide that teaches you everything you need to know about portion control, a full 21 day weight loss plan with approved foods list and portion size guide, a full recipe book for inspiration and loads of bonuses.
    To get started or find out more you can check it out below 🙂

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