7 Keto diet tips you need! + 1 bonus tip

7 Keto diet tips you need! + 1 bonus tip

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    So you’re on the amazing keto diet but not quite getting the results you hoped for?

    Or maybe you’re keen to give it a go still unsure of a few things and the do’s and don’ts while on the keto diet?

    These are all fair thoughts and concerns and you’re definitely not alone with this! 

    This is why I have put together these 7 keto diet tips you NEED to know before starting the keto diet so you can maximise your success and learn all the reasons to LOVE this incredible anti-inflamatory, fat burning diet.

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    This will help keep you fuller for longer there for you will eat less and likely lose more weight.

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      Tip 1. Eat more salt!

      I know what you’re thinking ‘but salt makes me retain water and I get all puffy, it doesn’t make sense?’

      When we eat a diet high in processed foods it contains a lot of salt which out bodies hold onto. 

      When on the keto diet the body flushes out the buildup of ketones in urine, which depletes water and sodium in the body.

      Since you’re body is getting rid of water weight, you are losing salt with it which can cause muscle cramps and headaches.

      So don’t be afraid of salting your food! When on a keto diet your body needs more salt to avoid those horrible side affects.

      Tip 2. Eat until you’re full

      Yes, you read that right! Eat until you are full. Stop counting every calorie!

      This is one amazing benefit of being on the keto diet that you cannot do on any other diet!

      But this makes no sense, i’ll jut get fat? 

      No! Not if you’re following the keto diet correctly by eating keto approved foods.

      How does this work?

      When you’re eating high carb foods or processed foods, your brain is not signalled by a certain hormone to tell it to stop eating when you’re full, often resulting on over eating and of course, weight gain.

      This is where the keto diet has a major advantage.

      When you eat foods high in fat, this triggers a hormone to signal the brain that you are full. 

      This is one of my favourite things about the keto diet and its effortless! Your body is just telling you that you’re full and you can stop eating.

      High fat low carb diets also suppresses the appetite causing you to feel fuller longer and you’re never really getting hunger cravings like other diets higher in carbs.

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        3. Drink enough water

        The reason behind this is very similar to why we need to increase salt. 

        Since the keto diet flushes out ketones in urine you’re losing water quite fast. 

        It is important to replace this fluid by drinking enough water each day.

        This will avoid many bad side affects like dehydration, cramps, irritability, lack of focus among others.

        We need water to survive so make sure you drink up! 

        Each morning I would suggest having a large glass of water each morning before anything else and make sure to drink regularly throughout the day.

        Even more so if you are doing physical activity which causes you to lose more fluid through sweat.

        4. Get rid of temptations!

        For anyone on any diet, the easiest way to fall off the wagon is because we are surrounded by temptations. 

        I know we can’t completely avoid all temptations living in a world where fast food/processed food is thrown in our face almost everywhere we look, but we can control what we bring into our homes.

        Fill your cupboards and fridge with keto friendly foods. 

        Get rid of processed/ high carb foods that can easily make you give in and have a late night binge.

        If you can’t see it and access it easily you will soon stop thinking about it so much.

        Instead, get some tasty keto snacks that you can snack on when you have a little craving. 

        You will be surprised how you can retrain your body to like different foods and stop craving others!

        If you’re unsure what to snack on when on the keto diet or want something quick and easy to take to work in between meals, The Keto Box could be great for this.

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        You provide your weight, height, current weight and goal weight plus you can eliminate foods you don’t like! You can take the free quiz and check it out here. 

        The Keto box do have great reviews and it is very popular. You can check it out below for more info.

        5. Initial weight loss is water weight

        One thing you will notice very quickly on the keto diet is fast weight loss!

        But don’t confuse this with fat loss. 

        The initial weight loss is mostly water weight and depending on how much water each individual retains will depend on how much initial weight you lose.

        Many people will see very obvious weight loss in the first couple weeks, even days, others might not see as much.

        The keto diet is the most anti inflammatory diet on the planet.

        When you’re body is inflamed it will hold a lot of water. Since the keto diet quickly flushes ketones and unwanted fluids from the body you will quickly notice changes, such as your face becoming thinner, flatter and less puffy belly and over all feeling much lighter.

        Just remember that this initial weight loss is mostly water weight.

        Stick to the diet and you will soon start to really burn fat!

        Although I highly recommend doing exercise for many different reasons, the keto diet doesn’t require exercise to see weight loss.

        But for maximum results on any diet, exercise is for sure going to help!

        6. Learn to try new foods!

        This can be a very important and beneficial tip for anyone starting a keto diet.

        Since we are most likely used to eating processed and high carb foods it can be hard to think about food differently. No more carby pizza, pasta and cakes.

        But we crave this because its what we have trained our bodies to crave! 

        We don’t need it! And I can guarantee that once you eliminate this stuff from your diet you will notice so many positive things happening within your body and mind.

        Weight loss, less water retention, increased moods, better brain function, better skin and less cravings among loads of others!

        It is absolutely possible to retrain your palet to not just like different, much healthier foods, but to crave them!

        Don’t just dismiss trying a certain food because you think you won’t like it, or maybe you had a bad experience with it as a kid.

        Give it. a chance, you might love it!

        7. If you cheat, its not all over!

        We’re human, we’re no where near perfect and we for sure aren’t perfect when it comes to eating.

        Its quite possible that you will be so tempted at some point along the way that you give in and eat a pizza or cake or anything that isn’t keto approved foods.

        Thats ok. Its not the end and you have undone all of your hard work. 

        The best thing you can do is to not beat yourself up about it or give in completely.

        Just forget it happened and pick up your keto lifestyle again, because thats what it is, its a lifestyle.

        This doesn’t mean to say you can keep regularly cheating! 

        Don’t get me wrong, you do need to keep your body in ketosis as much as possible for best results.

        All im saying is, don’t stress out about it so much that you give up completely or suddenly feel like you need to run 10km to burn off the calories you just ate.

        We’re not perfect and we will get off track a little sometimes! 

        Just do your best to avoid cheating by filling your cupboards with keto foods and even have keto snacks on hand when you’re out if this helps.

        Keep the end goal in mind and remember why you started.

        **BONUS TIP**

        Tip 8. Include intermittent fasting.

        Intermittent fasting has become increasingly popular over the years for its ability to boost fat loss.

        Some people will argue that intermittent fasting is not good to combine with a keto diet but their really isn’t real proof to back this up.

        If you do it safely and don’t over do it then this could definitely help boost fat loss.

        Intermittent fasting may be easier on a keto diet since the keto diet keeps you full longer so you wont feel as hungry as you may do on other diets. For more info on different ways to fast you can check it out here.

        You can get started on the keto diet here with the 4 Week Keto Diet Plan for Beginners

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