What you will recieve:

  • Introduction
  • what is the keto diet
  • how the keto diet works 
  • benefits of the keto diet
  • who should keto
  • what to expect
  • keto flu explained
  • what to eat on keto
  • alcohol and keto
  • keto supplements
  • One Week Keto Diet Plan
  • Keto Recipe Book
  • Plus full support from myself!

This one week plan can be used for as long as you like. There are 28 Keto recipes so you wont get bored!

Are you wanting to lose some fast water weight, reduce your appetite and potentially burn fat at a faster pace than any other diet out there?

Well let me tell you how happy I am that you’ve landed here.

The keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet known for it’s fast fat burning power!

So many people go on crazy low fat diets, in an attempt to lose weight. They have the idea that eating fat will make them fat.

Well, its quite the opposite!

Fat is extremely important for the human body. We need it for our body and brain to function properly and it is also very important for hormone regulation.

Going on a low-fat diet is counterproductive.

Fat doesn’t make you fat, excess calories make you fat!

Eating fat will help you burn fat and potentially reach your weight loss goals faster than any other diet!

I want to ask you a few questions and take note of how many you answer yes to…

You have tried almost every diet out there only to wind up back where you started because you either didn’t know what you were doing or it simply just didn’t work?

You look at social media influencer profiles and get put off by their “flawless” body shots, which most are either taken with the perfect lighting, filters, photo shop apps or all of the above?

You start to convince yourself that there’s something wrong with YOUR body therefore you’ll never be able to lose weight and maintain your body goals long term?

You’re becoming increasingly disheartened and frustrated because you can’t find a diet that works for you?

Well look no further because the Keto Diet could be just the thing you’ve needed all along!

You’ve probably known about the keto diet for years but never really taken the time to look into it or really understand it?

I get it! In fact that was me only a few years back!

“How does the keto diet work?” you ask

The Keto diet (ketogenic) is a high fat low carb diet designed to put your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.


Ketosis occurs when the body doesn’t have enough access to its primary fuel source which is glucose from carbs. 

Ketosis is a normal process that happens in our bodies but the keto diet puts our bodies into this state continuously.


There are a few different versions of this diet but generally the ratio of daily calories is 70% from fat, 25% from protein and 5% from carbs.

Since the keto diet puts our bodies into a continuous state of ketosis, our bodies will use fat for energy instead of glucose from carbs.


Normally our bodies are relying on carbs for its main energy source but when carbs are restricted your body will breakdown fat creating molecules called ketones. 

Ketones are not dangerous and the body actually performs extremely well on ketones.


The keto diet is basically forcing your body to rely on fat for its primary energy source resulting in burning more fat.


So here is what you can expect from my 1 Week Keto Diet Plan for Beginners

Begin the process of turning your body into a fat burning furnace by EATING FAT

Faster initial weight loss than other diets

Reduced appetite

Lose inches off your waist and hips

See a significant drop in dress size

Feel physically lighter

Feel mentally focused and refreshed

More fat loss from abdominal area

Increased levels of good cholesterol

Reduced blood sugar and insulin levels

Glowing skin

Improved hair and nails

Improved self confidence

Learn how YOUR body works

Still eat your favorite foods modified to keto

and much more!

Quick tip: If you’re really wanting to enhance fat burning on the keto diet, Maximum Slim’s Keto Coffee is a great product to include daily. 

Turn it into bulletproof coffee by adding 1 tsp of butter or coconut oil to ensure you’re keeping your fat intake high.

This will help keep you fuller for longer there for you will eat less and likely lose more weight.

Although supplements aren’t necessary to lose weight, Keto Complex an organic, vegan advanced ketone formula designed to block carbs, enhance focus and improve energy and metabolism. 


Am I guaranteed to succeed?
Absolutely! But that all depends on you. The plan is written a specific way that needs to be followed for you to get maximum results. The more you deter from the plan the less likely you are to get the positive results. This plan has been used time and time again and is consistent in helping people lose weight and learn ways to maintain this long term.

Is the keto diet safe and who should do it?
Current research suggests that the keto diet is completely safe, although continue reading because some people may need to consult a doctor before commencing this diet and it may not be suitable for everyone. 

Since the diet forces the body into a continuous state of ketosis this creates a build up of ketones in the blood stream. Ketones are acids and are eliminated through urination. 

If high levels of ketones build up this can poison the body and lead to a process called ketoacidosis

Ketoacidosis mostly affects people with type 1 diabetes. 

The keto diet generally isn’t recommended for children but with supervision from a medical expert it has be used to help a range of diseases, specifically epilepsy. 

The keto diet may not be safe for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

It is recommended that people with health conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease or pancreas issues should avoid this diet. 

Diabetics should consult a doctor before going on the keto diet to ensure it fits with there dietary needs. 

If you are unsure whether this diet is suitable for you, it is wise to consult a doctor before starting.

Will the keto diet work for me?
There is no doubt that the keto diet works extremely well and has proven results for decades.

The only issue you may come across with achieving results on the keto diet is KEEPING YOUR BODY IN KETOSIS.

It takes a few weeks for your body to transition into a ketosis state and this is achieved by decreasing your carb intake to 5% of your daily calories. The rest is 70% fats and 25% protein. This means no more snacking on pizza, bread, cakes, cookies and anything high carb. 

For some people this diet change can be very challenging and is the reason many people give up. But if you can push through the initial stage which generally is the hardest part you will no doubt see some amazing results!

Is this a one time payment?
Absolutely! Pay once and its all yours! It is a one time purchase for the entire program. You will NOT be charged any other fees for anything. You have permanent access to the program so you can repeat it as many times as you like for no extra cost.

Does the plan include exercise?
You are not required to perform any exercise to be successful in losing weight during the 1 Week Keto Diet Plan. However, there is a bonus cardio training guide to use if you wish at any stage.

I will always encourage some form of exercise daily as it has so many health benefits, and of course, when you pair exercise with a balanced diet like the 4 Week Diet Plan you will lose more weight than if you didn’t exercise.

Am I required to buy other supplements such as protein powders or fat burner?
No! This plan is written in a way that does not require the use of ANY other supplements. It is simply based around mainly whole foods. There will be no extra hidden costs apart from purchasing your own groceries…. i’ll leave that part to you 😉