How to meal prep properly – 4 simple steps

How to meal prep properly – 4 simple steps

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Benefits of meal prepping

Before we get into how to meal prep properly, lets point out the obvious.

Learning how to meal prep properly has so many benefits! Lets discuss them.

How to meal prep properly

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Keeps us on track = helps reach goals faster

To start with, anyone who takes their diet and health seriously (which should be everyone but unfortunately isn’t), should take the time each week to prepare their meals ahead.

Why? Because this will help you stay on track with your nutrition, health and body goals.

As the saying goes and is very true “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.”

When you plan and prep your meals, you have much more control over what you are eating and are much more likely to reach and maintain your health and nutrition goals.

You could save a lot of money!

Think about it. Lets say we are in a rush to get out the door in the morning for work/school. You haven’t even thought about your meals for the day and have nothing prepared or nothing in the cupboards that appeals to you. 

Many of us will likely grab lunch or snacks from a store nearby. 

Even worse, we don’t always have access to healthy options, so we grab the easiest option available.

Sandwiches, pies, muffins, chips, fried food, sushi, McDonald’s etc. This can all end up costing us more, especially if it is something we do regularly. 

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    Meal prepping saves time

    Meal prepping can save us loads of time. Time we could be spending on other important things.

    Wouldn’t you rather spend an hour or two in the kitchen on a Sunday evening (or any day you choose to prep) and not have to worry each morning or night about what you will have for breakfast, lunch or dinner each day?

    Meal prepping can be done in one hit, as opposed to not meal prepping which leaves you trying to come up with new, interesting healthy ideas each day.

    How to meal prep properly

    1. Know your health and body goal

    This should be the very first thing you do otherwise you wont know how to prep your meals properly to help reach your goals.

    Maybe you’re wanting to lose weight, or gain muscle, or even just maintain your current weight. 

    So make sure you know what your goal is first, and then you can plan your meals to suit.

    If your goal is to lose weight as well as learn how to plan and choose healthy meal options that are super flexible, tasty and nutritious, I have created a 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide

    2. Plan and shop

    You need to decide how many days and meals you want to prep for. 

    Write them down and then decide what foods you like, and try to stick to as much whole foods as possible.

    You should also be planning your meals with the right macronutrient split to suit your goals. (Protein, carbs, fats).

    Your macro split will depend on your health and body goals.

    Make a final list of the foods you need and work out roughly how much you will need to buy so you will have enough to make up the right portion size for each meal you are prepping.

    Here is an example of some foods for each macronutrient group.

    Protein – Chicken, fish, salmon, beef, turkey, lam, pork, eggs, tofu, tempeh, lentils, chick peas, black beans

    Carbs – Leafy green veggies, zucchini, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, peas, mushrooms, lettuce, capsicum, tomato

    Fats – olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds

    Hit the grocery store!

    Once you’ve got your shopping list complete its time to head to the store and stock up on all that whole, healthy food!

    Meal prepping will save you those annoying extra trips to the grocery store for things you forgot earlier!

    It also helps you avoid buying items you don’t need, that just sit in the fridge and end up getting thrown out.

    While you’re at the store it might be a good idea to get yourself some containers for storing to prepped meals.

    Here are some great options Amazon recommend:

    Freshware meal prep containers 15 pack

    BPA free, stackable, bento box, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. 

    2 & 3 Compartment glass meal prep containers 4 pack

    BPA free, air tight, portion control, bento box style containers

    3. Kitchen time

    Make sure you set a time that works best around your schedule so you don’t have interruptions and can avoid making mistakes.

    Now, if you don’t know how to cook at all, then it might be a good idea to head back to square one and learn a few cooking skills first ;).

    You’ll find loads of tutorials on YouTube so you will never have any trouble with that.

    If you have a partner or friend who knows how to cook basic meals then you could always ask for their help too 🙂

    Have your meal plan ready to go.

    The first time you meal prep you’ll likely find some things you need to tweak or do better next time.

    If you want to get a little more creative with your meals then don’t be afraid to google some keywords, you’ll find loads of delicious, tasty and healthy recipes.

    I have also created a 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide to help people not only lose weight, but teach them everything they need to know to be able to manage and maintain their health and weight loss goals long term. 

    4. Portion control

    This is a really important part of meal prepping, and eating in general.

    Meal prepping can really help you control your meal portions so you don’t over eat and ruin your diet.

    Make sure you measure out individual portions for each meal. 

    For example: if you make a veggie stir fry that has 4 portions, make sure you split it evenly into the right portion sizes for each meal.

    Meal prepping does not need to be difficult. 

    You don’t need to make fancy, expensive meals that contain loads of ingredients.

    Keep it simple. Simple can still taste amazing! 

    Cook some stir fry veggies in a little olive oil, add a squeeze of lemon, cracked pepper and drizzle with some light balsamic. One of my favorites and so easy.

    Any leftovers you might have doesn’t need to be wasted either! Didn’t plan for it? No worries. Get creative and come up with another meal with it, or you could even freeze it for another time.

    So I highly recommend meal prepping.

    It will save you time, money, and will help keep you on track with your diet and goals.

    Keen to meal prep but no idea what portion size you should have, what foods to eat and how you can lose weight at the same time? That’s just one of the reasons I created my 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide. 

    I don’t want to only help people lose weight. I want to teach you exactly how to manage and maintain your health and weight loss goals long term, among so much more.

    This comes with my own recipe book, portion size guide, approved food list and many free bonuses.

    If you’re interested in taking a further look, you can check it out here.

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    This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure for more info.

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