5 key fat loss tips

5 key fat loss tips

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We’re always looking for some secret miracle weight loss tips that have never been heard of before, something that will help us achieve our fat loss and weight loss goals faster.

Well, unfortunately there is no “miracle” working tip that will burn fat fast without implementing other strategies with it, but, not all hope is lost!

Don’t worry!

I definitely can hep you, but you must understand a few things first. 

Once you understand this, and are ready to put some work in, I promise you that you will get results.

Not only will you learn how to burn fat, but you will learn how to burn fat quickly and manage your weight long term.

These 5 key fat loss tips (proven by science) can definitely help you burn fat faster.

More importantly, these 5 fat loss tips are super easy to include daily, and if you are consistent, you will have long term success.

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    fat loss tips

    I have studied personal training and nutrition and over the years have read dozens of fat loss strategies.

    So many of these strategies are either dangerous, unsustainable long term, or simply just do not work.

    These five methods I am going to tell you are what I personally use, are safe and have have aided my own fat loss long term. 

    What I don’t want you to do is get carried away and think that by following one, or even all of these methods alone is your ultimate solution to long term fat loss. 

    If you really want to learn how to lose fat quickly and in a healthy way, you must be prepared to put a little work in.

    By work I mean – consistency.

    Fat loss done in a healthy and safe way is something that is achieved along with a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

    How much exercise and what diet is needed really depends on what you are trying to achieve personally. 

    I have written a 21-Day Weight Loss Plan to help people lose weight safely and quickly as well as teach you how to manage your own weight loss and body goals long term.

    If you implement these tips to a healthy balanced diet, you will learn how to lose belly fat fast, lose arm fat fast, and finally start to reach your weight loss goals.

    5 Key fat loss tips

    Coffee for weight loss

    1. Coffee (preferably black)

    Coffee for weight loss has been been a very popular method for years.

    When you consume coffee before exercise that can really stimulate fat burning.


    The caffeine can cause fat cells to be used as a source of energy during a workouts as opposed to glycogen. 

    The caffeine in coffee will temporarily increase your metabolism, resulting in extra calories being burnt. 

    Coffee is a natural fat burner

    Putting it simply, coffee can act as a natural fat burner and can aid fat loss when combined with exercise. 

    I often drink a cup of black coffee half an hour before performing cardio in the morning. 

    This is one of my most effective tips for burning fat fast if you are including cardio into your daily routine.

    Please bare in mind – Caffeine, especially large amounts can have various side effects such as anxiety, difficulty sleeping, increased heart rate and fatigue. 

    If you are sensitive to coffee or do not drink coffee this may not be a good option for you. 

    I am always very mindful to drink plenty of water in addition to coffee consumption as caffeine can dehydrate you.


    One of my favorite coffee products to use is Maximum Slim Espresso and Green Coffee. You can check their full range out here. 

    Green Coffee
    Water for weight loss

    2. Water

    Although it is not proven that water alone will directly cause fat loss, it is possible that water may help with losing weight.

    Water is a natural appetite suppressant. 

    Drinking water can give you a fuller feeling and when we feel full your stomach will signal the brain to stop eating.

    Studies indicate that drinking water can increase calorie burning.

    Drinking water may also temporarily increase your body’s energy expenditure or the number of calories burned. 

    Drinking cold water may also enhance the bodies calorie burning further due to the body heating up the water to be digested, and your body expends energy during this process.

    Water also helps to remove toxins/waste from your body. 

    When you are dehydrated, your body cannot remove waste properly resulting in our bodies retaining unwanted toxins.

    These toxins may add some extra weight so keeping your body hydrated through water consumption is really important when trying to lose weight.

    I know we all see health enthusiasts sipping their waters, and people sitting at their desks sipping water daily and we wonder..does it really help?

    Well, yes, it absolutely does!

    So grab your water bottle and start filling it up and consuming water regularly and you will start to see a positive change.

    What is a refeed day

    3. Refeed days

    Refeed days are a great way to boost fat burning when in a calorie deficit diet. 

    I personally have used this method many times in the past when aiming to lose some body fat.

    For a full explanation on how refeed days work to help you burn fast faster take a look at my article Refeed days to burn fat . 

    To put it simply though, when your body is in a calorie deficit, your metabolism will slow down.

    This means your body’s ability to burn fat will be reduced.

     A refeed day means you significantly increase your carbohydrate intake for one day.

    By doing this you are boosting your metabolism and energy levels resulting in more fat being burned.

    This is another one of the best tips for fat loss when on a calorie deficit diet.

    So many people don’t even know about this tip, but it is proven to work when done properly. 

    What is refined carbs

    4. Be mindful of refined carbs

    Who isn’t a big fan of carbs? I certainly am!

    Not only do carb-rich foods taste good but it is the number one nutrient that provides your body the energy it needs to function throughout the day.

    Unfortunately though, consuming too many refined carbs can completely ruin your diet.

    This can cause weight gain and  increase your risk of obesity and other health issues if you are not mindful about how many refined carbs you are consuming.

    Not all carbs are the same though!

    Many whole foods are high in carbs and are very healthy. 

    On the other hand, refined carbs have been stripped of most nutrients and have been very processed. 

    What are refined carbs?

    Again, these are carbs that have had most of the nutritious value removed. 

    For more on processed food, you might find it beneficial to read my article What is processed food?

    Foods that fall into the refined carbs group include but not limited to are:

    Table sugar, fruit juices, soda, pastries, white bread, white pasta, white rice and flour.

     Personally I don’t completely eliminate these foods from my diet, but I am very mindful of how much I am consuming.

    I try to base my carb intake  around whole/plant based foods as opposed to refined carbs.

    Implementing this fat loss tip is one of the best and most effective fat loss tip you can ever do.

    I absolutely guarantee you will see results.

    What are macronutrients

    5. Macronutrient balance – Important

    This one is probably the most important and best fat loss tip I can give you.

    Not only will it help you burn fat fast but it will help you maintain fat loss long term. 

    What are macronutrients you ask? 

    I do have a separate article dedicated solely to macronutrients that you can access here, but i’ll give you a brief explanation.

    Macronutrients are the key essential nutrients that your body requires for normal growth and development. 

    There are three main macronutrients that the body requires for different purposes; carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 

    I am not a fan of calorie counting. 

    I never count calories as I just don’t believe it is necessary to lose weight and manage your weight loss. 

    SO whats the alternative? 

    Instead I have learned my own body type and what works well for me.

    I have learned how much of each macronutrient I need daily to maintain, lose or gain weight and I stay consistent with this.

    My 21 Day Weight Loss Plan doesn’t require you to count a single calorie.

    It teaches you absolutely everything you need to know to be able to lose weight and maintain it.

    I teach you how to measure your food easily with no equipment and the types of foods you should and can be eating regularly.

    It completely retrains you body to crave the food it needs to function at its best.

    So getting the right macronutrient balance in your diet is something that will help you immensely with your weight loss and fat loss goals!


    Fat loss is definitely something that can be done fast. But long term, maintainable fat loss doesn’t come without hard work and consistency.

    You can search the internet for miracle super fast fat loss tips that require you to do nothing but take a special pill, but I can promise you that you won’t find it.

    If you do, believe me, they wont work.

    There is no fat loss tip that will work alone in helping you lose fat and maintain it.

     I definitely recommend implementing these 5 tips for fat loss to your daily routine and diet to aid fat loss and be able to maintain it long term. 

    It may be slower paced, but it is safe, healthy and you won’t have all of the nasty side affects you get from crash dieting, fat burners and any other quick fix method to burn fat. 

    Do you have any other proven tips for fat loss that work?

    Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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