What is a detox cleanse? 8 Pros and cons

What is a detox cleanse? 8 Pros and cons

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The first thing I want to clarify is that you do not need to be left feeling starving and feeling completely empty during a detox cleanse.

Forget the detox teas, “magic” detox pills, and various detox supplements out there now all claiming to work miracles on your body and mind.

The market is saturated with products like these, so its little wonder people are becoming more and more confused as to what works and what doesn’t!

To be bluntly honest, the majority will leave you with nothing but disappointment.

A detox cleanse is not necessarily a liquid-cleanse.

I know I would seriously struggle through something like that! 

Instead, prefer to focus on detox cleanses that reset your system by filling your body with whole, healthy, detoxifying foods.

With these cleanses, you still get the same incredible results, and you haven’t deprived yourself of the nutritious wholesome foods that you should be eating on a daily basis anyway.

Basically these types of detox cleanses set you up for maintainable & long term  success.

3-day detox cleanse plans are one of the best ways reset your system, and to kick start your healthy diet journey while leave you feeling amazing.

What is a detox cleanse?

A detox cleanse is a diet that is designed to help rid your body of toxins and reset your system.

Although your body is able to get rid of toxins naturally, there are certain foods that can enhance the body’s detoxification system.

A typical detox involves a period of fasting, followed by a strict diet of fruits and/or vegetables, fruit juices and water. Often they also include herbs, teas, and supplements.

Detoxing or cleansing your body is achieved by eliminating all processed food drink along with most carbohydrates, and replacing it will whole, nutritious food that is high in essential vitamins and minerals and nutrients your body needs.
When on a detox cleanse, there is still little knowledge of exactly what toxins are eliminated, but what is known for sure is the incredible differences in how our bodies look and feel once we complete a good detox!
What is a detox cleanse


1.Eliminate toxins

Your body can only cleanse itself so much. You need to be looking after yourself consistently to allow your body to function at its best. 

This is where detoxing is important.

When we have a build up of toxins from processed foods/drinks and too many carbs, important hormones in our bodies fail to work properly in digesting, absorbing and dispersing nutrients from food.

A detox is a great way to get back on track or begin your new healthier lifestyle.

2. Boost vitamins and minerals

Detox cleanses should consist of eating lots of vegetables and fruits, the less cooked the better. 

 When on a detox cleanse, you’ll benefit from an increased vitamins and minerals that you will get from all the delicious and nutritious whole fruits and veges you consume.

3. Stops “bad” food cravings

The point of the 3-Day Detox Challenge is to reset your system by consuming nutritious whole foods which stop you craving all of those bad processed foods you got so used to.

You weren’t born craving anything, you have trained your body over years and years to crave certain foods. 

The good news is, you can retrain your body and reset your system to crave all of the foods you need to maintain optimal health.

So after going on a detox cleanse you will probably notice you don’t crave those bad processed foods anymore.

Mindless and emotional eating are two of the major things that lead to weight gain, so doing a cleanse can help reset your system and get back on track. 

4. Weight loss

A detox cleanse the best way to kick start your weight loss journey. By cleansing first, you are fast tracking your weight loss journey because you are ridding your body of toxins and you will also lose more water weight in those first few days on a detox cleanse.

5.  Resets Your Taste Buds

A cleanse will reset your tastebuds, because you’re eliminating processed processed foods that do absolutely no favors to your body. This includes added salt, sugar additives and preservatives.

These things can actually numb your taste buds, making it difficult for you to enjoy raw, whole food in its natural way.

Eating whole, nutritious foods will reset your taste buds and help you enjoy enjoy real food, and not crave the nasty processed food that do nothing for us.

Woman making detox juice


1. Not sustainable long term

Any detox is not intended to be long term.  They’re a quick way to cleanse and reset your system, and jump-start your weight loss journey.

You should not be continuously on a detox cleanse, as your body will miss out on the essentials it needs to function properly.

2. Increased Bowel Movements
During a detox, you may experience gastrointestinal distress and more frequent  bowel movements.

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids as frequent bowel movements can cause you to lose too much water and become dehydrated.

It can also cause you to lose essential nutrients so it is very important to ensure you still eat plenty of the foods required on a detox as well as plenty of water, and herbal tea.

I like to drink water with a little lemon juice to help keep my vitamin C levels up. 

3. Temporary fatigue and energy loss

Because a detox cleanse is cleanse is lower in calories and carbs, it can leave you feeling fatigued and with lower energy.

But don’t worry, this is all normal and just a part of your body resetting itself, ridding the toxins and adapting to a new healthier lifestyle.

You shouldn’t perform excessive exercise while on a detox cleanse either.

Since you are consuming fewer calories, if you over exercise you can of course become more fatigued but also disrupt your metabolic rate and blood glucose levels.

Instead, perform less energetic, lighter exercises like going for a walk or doing some yoga.

Detox teas

So how do I know what detox cleanse to go with?

Good question.

There are many great detox cleanses out there that will bring you great results.

I have created a 3-Day Detox Challenge that will help reset your system, rid your body of unwanted toxins and help you lose up to 7 pounds (maybe more!) in water weight and fat loss.

Here is what you can expect from my 3-Day Detox Challenge:

  • Lose up to 7 pounds in water weight and fat loss
  • Drop a dress size or more!
  • Feel physically lighter
  • Feel mentally focused and refreshed
  • Glowing skin
  • Improved self confidence
  • Rid your body of nasty built up toxins
  • Begin the process of resetting your system!

To take a further look or to get started, you can check it out here.


A detox cleanse is not something intended for long term use, however you can repeat it as you feel necessary.

A detox will help you reset your system and rit your body of unwanted toxins that have built up over years of consuming processed foods and too many carbohydrates.

Although there will always be some cons that go with almost anything you do, the pros of a detox cleanse heavily out way the cons.

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