3 best daily intentions to set

3 best daily intentions to set

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You can choose to live your life as you do, or you can choose to live it with intentions. Setting some intentions every day will enable you to have a better sense of direction and will leave you with a sense of accomplishment when you honour them. There are so many intentions you can set for yourself each day. It all depends on what is important to you and what you want to achieve. This could be short term, long term or even just to make a positive difference in your day. Here are three intentions you might find beneficial to incorporate into your day.

3 Intentions to set today

1. keep an open mind

The world around us is forever changing. Many things that were once considered a sin or unacceptable to society is now a normal part of how people live. Each person has the right to their opinion and beliefs and I among many others can appreciate and respect that. But by keeping a closed mind and not allowing yourself the ability to even consider other possibilities you are limiting yourself and your potential to live your best life, on a level you didn’t know was possible. 

Having an open mind is not just limited to expanding your beliefs and questioning your own opinions. Having an open mind allows you the ability to create space for change and even more importantly, the ability to acknowledge, accept and deal with change. Our lives are changing constantly and there are so many things we do not have any control over. 

Instead of immediately turning to your default reactions to something, whether it be a sudden change that has happened in your life, gossip you’ve heard or any thing else that triggers a reaction from you, try to think of other possibilities, solutions and reactions you could have. There doesn’t have to be just one way to view something, it is ok to expand or change your beliefs and opinions. Keeping an open mind will bring so much more positivity into your life and will open up space for personal growth, change and overall happiness.

2. live in the present

Take a moment right now, and reflect on your thought process through the day. What are your spending the majority of your time thinking about? Most of you will agree that a huge part of your day is consumed by thoughts of unnecessary worry, how your future will pan out, procrastination, past regrets and failures, or even just letting your mind wander to the most bizarre thoughts that have no benefit to you and your life what so ever.

There is so much that we let pass us by each day and we have absolutely no idea that it occurred because we are too preoccupied with thoughts un related to the present. Living in the present, realistically is not something that can be done throughout our entire day. We do need to think about our futures, plan our lives and schedules and there are things that happen in our lives that preoccupy our thoughts. But how much of this is actually necessary? Try to filter what you spend your time thinking about. 

Learning to live more in the present and appreciate what is happening in our lives NOW, is something that takes practise. Start by taking some time out in the morning when you wake to just focus on what is happening right in that moment. Build up to doing this more and more throughout your day. A time I notice my thoughts wandering is when I am focusing on a certain job, like washing the car, vacuuming the house or mowing the lawns. During these times I notice my mind wandering to so many different scenarios in my life. Regrets, failures, worries and general thoughts that are no benefit to me. 

Now that I am aware of this, I try to focus on the job that I am doing right in that moment and notice the little things. Try and train yourself to live in the present and appreciate life as it is right now. When you catch your mind wandering, focus on something around you. The simple things can be really enjoyable and interesting! The past has happened, the future is unknown but what is happening now our reality. Embrace it.

3. take action towards the life you want

Most of us have ambitions, goals, desires and dreams. Its very easy to dream and want certain things in our lives but so often we don’t take the necessary steps to make it happen. We promise ourselves that we will start tomorrow, or start Monday, or come up with a great idea to benefit our future but what are we actually doing to make it happen? Reaching goals wont happen by dreaming.

Having dreams of something we want gives us feelings of excitement. it can also give us feelings of doubt about our ability to achieve it. You can even become delusional that it will ‘just happen’ one day by sitting back and wishing. To reach goals and make dreams a reality you need to take action. You might have a long slow road ahead to get there and it can be an overwhelming thought, but by taking that first step, you have probably done the hardest part.

Taking action will give you a sense of accomplishment and the drive to take the next steps towards reaching your goals. Eventually with staying consistent and being persistent you will get there and all of a sudden your dreams are your reality. Each day do something that takes you a step closer to your goals and dreams.



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