3 Easy ways to cut back on carbs

3 Easy ways to cut back on carbs

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Lets talk about some easy ways to cut back on carbs.

The word “carbs” seems to be the most commonly heard word when it comes to dieting, and in particular, the reason why we fail with dieting.

Now, first of all before you think i’m going to tell you that carbs are a NO-GO or that they are the reason you’re failing to lose weight, i’m not.

Not at all. We NEED carbs for energy, to be able to maintain daily activity and not feel weak and fatigued especially after exercise.

BUT, its the types of carbs and the amounts we are consuming that can be the reason why we ultimately fail or succeed with our weight loss and body goals.

Carbs are not our enemy, I can assure you that.

Our addiction to the wrong type of carbs is where the problem lies.

Processed carbs such as pasta, bread, rice, cakes, chips, noodles among many others are the worst when it comes to weight gain.

They have loads of added ingredients that our bodies don’t need and find harder to digest.

That being said, they are still absolutely OK to have in the right amounts.

There are many easy ways to cut back on carbs and of course, I am going to share them with you so you can better manage and maintain your weight loss and body goals.

1. Eliminate and substitute!

This one is actually really simple once you get a handle of how to do it!

It’s fun and it makes us more creative with our meals, not to mention feel way better!

Examples of eliminating and substituting:

Ordering or making a burger – Skip the bun. Simple. Have you tried a bun-less burger? They are delicious!

Instead use the lettuce for a wrap. When it comes to the sauce, opt for a lighter sauce or mayo instead of high sugar/salt sauces and dressings.

It’s surprising just how many extra calories they can add to your meal! 

Rice – Instead of using white or brown rice in our stir fry, curry, burrito or anything else, substitute it for cauliflower!

Yes, sounds weird but its a perfect swap out.

Very finely chop cauliflower until it is similar to rice size, place in pan with a very small amount of oil if you wish and fry for around 2 mins on medium heat just to get a slight color. 

Add this to any usual dish that would contain rice and it tastes amazing! Add some herbs and spices to get more creative.

Noodles – Another easy ingredient to swap.

Instead of egg, udon or any other high carb, highly processed noodles, swap it for zucchini noodles!

Very finely slice zucchini into noodle size (or if you’re lucky you’ll be able to buy them pre-sliced) and either boil for 1 minute or fry just the same as the rice and again, add them to any dish you would add noodles to with your favorite herbs or spices.

Other very easy high carb ingredients to swap for lower carbs are:

  • Coconut flour instead of white or wholemeal flour
  • Stevia instead of sugar
  • Eggplant slices instead of muffin, bread or lasagna noodles
  • Mashed fresh or pre-frozen berries instead of jams and jellies
  • Unsweetened almond, coconut, cashew or macadamia milk instead of regular milk
  • Soaked over-night chia seed porridge instead of oatmeal.
  • Kale chips instead of potato chips

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    Be aware of sneaky sugars

    There are many examples of different products that we think are healthy but actually contain a lot more sugar than we realize!

    Again this comes back to my example of sauces an dressings, but it is not limited to just this. 

    One way to know for sure that you are cutting way back on sugars is to choose unflavored or unsweetened products.

    Greek yogurt is a very popular option, but it can still be high in sugar. Go for unsweetened/unflavoured.

    Swap regular milk for plant based unsweetened milk such as almond, cashew, macadamia or coconut.

    Ketchup’s and dressings can definitely be a little harder to find whole-based ingredient brands that dont have all the added ingredients such as sucrose, corn syrup, maltodextrin and sucralose.

    Just be sure to read the labels or shop at a good wholefoods store.

    An easy dressing I like to make myself is lemon juice, 1/2 teaspn seeded mustard, 1/2 tsp dijon mustard and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar. Very zesty and fresh!

    Limit your grains, legumes and potatoes!

    By this I don’t just mean high processed foods such as pasta and bread.

    Grains include oats, rice, wheat, corn, quinoa etc etc. Legumes are your beans and lentils and potatoes are, well..potatoes.

    This is ultimately the main reason we are not meeting our weight loss goals.

    We are absolutely surrounded by foods high in and in the world we live in with such extreme ways of marketing, it can be very tempting!

    Train your body to enjoy lower carb foods such as leafy green vegetables, mushrooms, raw carrots, celery, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum. 

    These are some very easy ways to cut back on carbs. 

    But HOW do I train my body to CRAVE these foods?

    Good question! But not a silly one! This is where I can help you even further. 

    I know that the  best investment I can ever make is an investment in my body.

    This is the only guaranteed  “forever” place we all have to live on this earth. Why not look after it!?

    This is why I have created the 21-Day Weight Loss Plan & Wellness Guide

    I want to teach you how to look after your body and reach your weight loss and body goals.

    The 21 day diet plan is designed to reset and cleanse your body so you start to crave the foods your body needs.

    This is not just a meal plan to starve you and help you lose weight fast only to make you fall back into the same old habits.

    For more information on how I can help you achieve and maintain your weight and health goals you can take a look here.

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