8 Week Bodyweight Workout Program | Transform Your Physique

8 Week Bodyweight Workout Program | Transform Your Physique

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Does transforming your physique, gaining strength & power, building endurance & overall improved fitness appeal to you?

What about achieving all of this through the sheer power of your own body weight (and occasional use of a resistance band)?

Then you have landed in the right place!

Meet the creator of 8 Week Burn Build Shape Body Transformation Program…

Hey guys, I’m Jenna. I have a firm belief that achieving optimal health should be kept as simple as possible.

I am also a strong believer that true fitness is about performance and how well your body functions physically. Not about how muscular you are.

It really isn’t necessary to spend endless amounts of money on gym memberships and exercise equipment.

That was me once upon a time and for many many years!

I was in good shape, but I never really felt FIT! I never had that strong feeling of achievement and didn’t see results fast.

Working out in the gym felt like long hard slogs for slow progress that didn’t really make me feel as physically functional and strong as I wanted to or as I did when I was a dancer.

Why Burn Build Shape?

All of the reasons above is why I decided to create Burn Build Shape!

My program is designed to help you burn body fat, increase strength, power & endurance, as well as significantly improve the overall fitness and functionality of your body while sculpting your physique…using your own bodyweight!

Why bodyweight workouts?

I believe bodyweight workouts are the number one way to create functional, athletic bodies.

Unlike weighted workouts or powerlifting which generally focus on achieving one specific thing such as muscle hypertrophy or strength, Burn Build Shape focuses on building functional, high performing and strong physiques, and of course naturally you will burn fat and sculpt your physique in ways you never thought were possible!

What is included in Burn Build Shape?

Program structure

Burn Build Shape primarily focuses on AMRAP workouts (as many rounds as possible).

It is a combination of bodyweight exercises & cross training with the occasional use of a resistance band.

Each workout begins with a dynamic warm up followed by a 15 minute AMRAP workout, which is made up of a circuit of exercises to be performed in sequence as many times as possible in 15 minutes.

Each day you will target a different muscle group – Legs & butt, Arms & Abs, Shoulders & back with full body workouts and a mobility day each week.

Allow yourself 30 minutes from start to finish.

Other inclusions

  • Burn Build Shape Facebook Support Group
  • Understanding macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein)
  • Recommended app for tracking macros
  • Nutrition guide (Meat, vegetarian, vegan)
  • Portion size guide – zero calorie counting!
  • Vegan beginners guide
  • Mini recipe book – Meat & dairy
  • Mini recipe book – Vegan
  • Restrictive diets
  • 5 Serious food mistakes you could be making
  • 5 morning habits for a positive healthy mind
  • Making healthy choices on vacation or while travelling
  • Maintaining motivation
  • BONUS Cardio Training Guide
  • BONUS Protein Smoothie Recipes

Examples of some exercises inside Burn Build Shape.

Inside each days workout is a list of the exercises to perform with the number of reps followed by a short video tutorial for each exercise.

Here is an example of what a week looks like on the platform.

It keeps track of how far through the program you are so you will know exactly where you are at all times.

So I’m sure you have some questions about my 8 Week Burn Build Shape Program!

I’m a beginner, can I do this?

YES! But, that depends on your idea of beginner. If you are extremely sedentary and find it difficult to do any form of physical exercise then I don’t recommend starting with this program.

Burn Build Shape requires a very basic level of physical activity. If you can perform two modified push ups, jog on the spot for 30 seconds, go from floor to standing without difficulty, then this program is fine for you!

I’m very active and fit, will this program be too easy for me?

NO! I have tested this program of course and my body is really worked HARD! This program has been designed to cater for all abilities.

How? Each workout is made up of a bunch of exercises that you should be able to perform 1 rep of without too much difficulty.

The aim is to complete as many rounds of these exercises with the given repetition range as possible in 15 minutes.

A short warm up will be included at the beginning and a quick “burn out” will follow the 15 minute workout.

How will I access the program?

You will sign up to the program through cherrylemons1.teachable.com once I make it available and you can either access it through the Teachable website, or you can download Teachable app, login, and access your program through there.

Will I get video tutorials so I know how to do the exercises?

Yes. For each separate workout I have a list of the exercises in sequence followed by a short video tutorial for each exercise so you know exactly how to perform it and at what speed etc.

How many workouts per week?

The program is made up of 6 active days per week, HOWEVER, this is for people who really want to challenge themselves or for people with more workout/fitness experience. This is what a week looks like (in no particular order)

  • Legs & Butt
  • Arms & Abs
  • Full Body
  • Rest
  • Mobility (Light/stretching)
  • Shoulders & Back
  • Full body (light)

For those who want to workout less, for best results I recommend only dropping “full body light” as there are two full body workouts in the program.

Bare in mind also that your “mobility day” is a very low intensity recovery training and is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the program. Its basically like a rest day 😉

What if I skip a day?

Don’t skip a workout, it is important you follow the program properly to get optimal results. Instead take an extra rest day or two in between. Try to stick to the schedule as best you can but of course we all have other commitments and things going on in our lives that doesn’t always make it possible to commit to working out! Don’t worry, I get it, it happens to me too of course.

Can I swap a workout day and do it on a different day?

I have tried to arrange each workout in a way that allows for a good amount of recovery time for each muscle group, but if you feel the need to swap around a workout for a different day then by all means, go ahead. Listen to your body 🙂

Do I need any equipment?

The majority of the program is all bodyweight focused, but in certain workouts you will need a resistance band for some exercises. I also recommend a yoga mat or something to protect your back while doing exercises that require you to lie on your back such as abdominal exercises.

Will I get results?

There is not a doubt in my mind that you will get results. The results are guaranteed as long as you follow the program and stay consistent.

I’ve done the background work for you, all you need to do is show up and you can thank me later for the results you start pretty quickly!

I am so confident in my program beyond any doubt that I will give you a full money back guarantee within 30 days of completing the program if you don’t get results.

All you need to do is provide proof that you completed the entire 8 week program and there has been no transformation or positive change to your physique.

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