Transform your physique through a combination of bodyweight training, cross training and low impact exercises. 15 minute AMRAP workouts.

Meet the creator of the Burn Build Shape Programs…

Hey guys, I’m Jenna. I have a firm belief that achieving optimal health should be kept as simple as possible.

I am also a strong believer that true fitness is about performance and how well your body functions physically. Not about how muscular you are.

It really isn’t necessary to spend endless amounts of money on gym memberships and exercise equipment.

That was me once upon a time and for many many years!

I was in good shape, but I never really felt FIT! I never had that strong feeling of achievement and didn’t see results fast.

Working out in the gym felt like long hard slogs for slow progress that didn’t really make me feel as physically functional and strong as I wanted to or as I did when I was a dancer.

Why Burn Build Shape?

All of the reasons above is why I decided to create Burn Build Shape!

My program is designed to help you burn body fat, increase strength, power & endurance, as well as significantly improve the overall fitness and functionality of your body while sculpting your physique…using your own bodyweight!

Why bodyweight workouts?

I believe bodyweight workouts are the number one way to create functional, athletic bodies.

Unlike weighted workouts or powerlifting which generally focus on achieving one specific thing such as muscle hypertrophy or strength, Burn Build Shape focuses on building functional, high performing and strong physiques, and of course naturally you will burn fat and sculpt your physique in ways you never thought were possible!

BBS Beginner

15 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts.

This starts with a short warm up followed by a 15 minute non stop workout and ending with a burnout session.

The beginner program is designed to introduce you to body weight workouts slowly by keeping the repetitions low but still highly effective.

This program builds foundational strength needed to advance to BBS Next Level.

Who is BBS Beginner for?

Anyone who considers themselves new to working out, never done bodyweight workouts, lacks a lot of strength (especially upper body) and wanting an introductory fitness program.

What can I expect to achieve?

This program is designed for beginners in mind so you can expect to build overall body strength, burn body fat, build lean muscle and improve your fitness.

BBS Next Level

Like BBS Beginner, this program is made up of 15 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts.

This starts with a short warm up followed by a 15 minute non stop workout and ending with a burnout session.

BBS Next Level is a flow on from BBS Beginner with higher rep ranges and more challenging workouts.

This program is created with intermediate to advanced athletes in mind and is designed to take your body transformation to the next level!

Who is BBS Next Level for?

Anyone who does not consider themselves new to working out, has a reasonable level of fitness and/or is looking for something new, unique and challenging to take their physique to the next level.

What can I expect to achieve?

You can expect to build strength, power, burn body fat, build a lean and sculpted physique and improve your fitness.

Serious about getting in shape? 

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