About Us

A little bit about… you? 

Let me guess. If you had to choose words to describe your previous attempts to lose weight and get into healthy lifestyle and habits, the list would consist of those: 
tiring, confusing, frustrating, difficult?

Don’t get me wrong – In no way do I think you’re not the right person to do it! Hell no. 

Quite the contrary. I think that the fact that you’re here, reading this page, means you’re absolutely made for this – giving yourself and your body what it truly deserves. 

Now, let’s be honest for a second. 

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get into uncomfortable “tell us a little about yourself” stuff, like they would make us all do it in school. (I still hold the resentment towards all of those teachers, to be honest)

Do you ever feel like you are failing? Like the things that you do for yourself aren’t working because of you, because of what you do? Do you ever feel different, like you’re the only one who can’t maintain changes you try to make, you’re the one disappointing?  

Did you answer “yes” to any of those questions?

What if I told you that you’re not the one failing, you’ve just not been given the RIGHT guidance by the RIGHT people? And many of those people, are failing you.

I am going to be totally blunt and honest – Some people don’t truly care!

They tell you they want you to feel good, “look beautiful”, and they want you to reach your goals. But the truth is, many of them don’t care about your success, but they care about their own, of course!

Think about it. For many, it is just about SELLING weight loss plans, supplements, wellness guides, beauty products etc – they don’t see the PERSON they are helping. Their “customers” are numbers. 

There is no story, no depth, no connection – a little bit like one night stand, if you will. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are many knowledgeable people out there, who do care and do want to see you succeed, like myself. But unfortunately there are many who are simply out there for their own financial gain.

Whether you are a person who simply wants to introduce healthy changes in your life, lose weight (and not get into a vicious yo-yo effect cycle!), change your life and diet for the better or finally reach your goals without giving up halfway and feeling like you’re failing – I promise you, you’re in the right place to start NOW!

Literally – here and now.

Being here means you’re actively looking for a chance to make changes, to get help and reach your goals – whether it’s losing weight or getting healthier. It means you are totally ready (even if it doesn’t feel like it!) to go and get it!

But maybe you… 

  • Don’t feel motivated enough to lose weight, make changes and stick to your resolutions.
  • Feel like you fail every single time you try. 
  • Feel like you will never reach your goals, lose weight and make changes. 

Believe me, it is totally normal and you’re not alone! 

That’s how many of us feel, and give up without trying.

I absolutely believe that you CAN do it and can maintain those changes long-term.

That’s why I created this free, personal weight loss guide that will show you the way to change your lifestyle and lose weight – I include tricks and tips that will make you reach your goals even faster, too!

It is not a magical product that will change everything overnight – it is a guide that makes you the key and the answer to a long-term change and your own success. 

That is your first step to reaching your goals and throwing away the mindset that for years held you frustrated and disappointed. 

Now, a little bit about myself 🙂

Hey! I’m Jenna – Just your average girl, born and bred in that tiny little country down under called New Zealand. Absolutely stunning country with awesome people and yes, sheep everywhere. (wink wink).

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How it all started…

From a young age I have led a very active lifestyle.

I began dancing at the age of 3 at my moms dance school and continued this for over 25 years, competing both nationally and internationally. Sadly, dancing was brought to a pretty abrupt end for me due to a prolapsed disc in my lower back – a very common injury it seems, so i’m sure some of you can relate.

As I grew, I developed a love for fitness, healthy lifestyle and passing on my skills to others. I went on to study personal training through ISSA.

. I also have a little claim to fame that I’m super proud of! During one summer in 2012 I was honored to be able to teach Barak Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sacha at an American summer camp. I was a teacher a the camp for jazz, lyrical, pilates and fitness. An amazing experience overall teaching at the camp, one of my fondest memories and during those 9 weeks I grew and learned so much about myself.

I have a love for travelling and have travelled the world on and off over the past 10 years, meeting some totally amazing people, many who are life long friends.

Travelling and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not always easy! Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have the best self discipline and willpower. This is just one of the areas I can definitely help you and will teach you throughout this course.

I mean, how much would life suck if we felt like we were so restricted by a certain diet that we had to choose between having fun/relaxing/holidaying and being healthy and content with our body and mind?

No. You can have BOTH. And I will teach you MAINTAINABLE ways how to do this. I promise.

I then decided to create a place and community online where I could reach out to THOUSANDS more people.

A place for people who…

WANT to make changes such as losing weight, adopting a healthier lifestyle and reaching their goals. 

Want to avoid restrictive diets, life without pleasure and counting each calorie

Are done with being frustrated, disappointed and unhappy with their bodies and lives 

Are ready to get REAL help, from a REAL person who UNDERSTANDS your struggles, and CARES. 

I am here to listen, to understand and to help you lose weight, introduce a healthier lifestyle and change your mindset to help you finally reach your goals.